Jordan 3 Fire Red Denim Features a Japanese Elephant!

 In Jordan

We reading this right? Jordan 3 Fire Red. It’s actually Jordan 3 Fire Red Denim. But we’re psyched to see Jordan 5 Fire Red slicking another Jordan silhouette. From the Jordan 3 Blue Cement taking after the Jordan 1 Royal Toe, looks like it’s the turn of Fire Red to burn resale to the ground. We don’t come across the Jordan 3 silhouette as often as we like, but that’s what makes nearly every drop atomic. Not so long ago on June 6, the Jordan 3 Animal Instinct 2.0 dropped in a reptile frame. And that shit got us goosebump scales! But the fancy word for the Jordan of the moment is deconstruction on the fly. What makes this design special? Stick around to find out! There’s an elephant in the room and we ain’t afraid to address it.

TSB Made to Cop Jordans

The Shit Bot spread out a Jordan 11 Concord buffet yesterday! And is dominating the Jordan 1 Grey Smoke as we speak. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with our giveaways. Because a happy cop makes a happy bot. And a happy bot makes a happy user. That’s you fam!

New Three, New Me!

The Jordan 3 Fire Red denim stitches up its iconic elephant print differently this time. Japanese raw denim is used as the primary print fabric for the overlays and heel. The Fire Red gesture picks up its flame and settles on the sneaker’s upper. Rather than directly imitating the Jordan 5 with a midsole design. Fire touches the ankle area, the co-branded heel, and the eyelets. The base neutralizes the mashup of fabric and colors in classic white. A clean Jordan with hints of bred and a Japanese elephant. What’s not to love?

The Jordan 3 Fire Denim will drop on August 1 for a retail price of $190. It sold two days ago for $442 so it’s totally worth the cop!


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