Nike SB Denim Low Bows to Japanese Sashiko in Navy Blue

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First things first, Sashiko is Japanese for “little stabs.” Which is supposed to explain how this sneaker was made. Or embroidered. The Sashiko method was used in Japan in the 1600s. With an attention to detail that perfected its technique. Too Japa-cheesy for you? If you don’t have the bones to listen to the masters, notice the denim. This Dunk doesn’t say anything about being made with Japanese denim. But we measured the success of that with the Jordan 3 Fire Red Denim. Japanese raw denim y’all! It’s selling on StockX in the $300 range. And guess what, it’s got a release “date” with the Nike SB Denim we’re here for! That mystic Japanese fog gon’ take us places this summer. To make sure it takes you to the right ones, you gotta locate the best Nike bot of the hour first. 

Nike’s Tribute to Japan’s “Sashiko”

This Nike SB Denim is actually one third of a “Sashiko Pack.” Which includes the Kyrie S2 Hybrid and SB Blazer Mid. If you Google “Sashiko” you’ll find that mystic navy shade dominating your screen. That’s because the color represents the blue waves of luck in Japanese tradition. Pretty deep stuff. That means two shades of blue denim for this Nike. A lighter Jeans shade handles the front area. And a darker navy denim covers the back. Pores poke into the toe box for breathability. And come to look at it, they kind of look like stars.

 Nike SB Denim: Blue With Meaning

Sea, waves, voyagers, stars, get it? It all ties together. The side Swoosh nods to the Sashiko way with 6 embroidered white lines. Along with wave-shaped embroidery patterns on the front side. Looks like a whole sea voyage story wrapped up into one Nike Dunk! Grateful Dead Dunks don’t look so big now, do they?

This Nike SB Denim Sashiko pair will drop in Europe on August 1, 2020. Stay posted for more release deets!


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