How Jordans for Wide Feet Are Taking Over the Street Beat?

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Ever feel the sneaker game’s too narrow for your wide awesomeness? Finding the perfect wide-foot kicks might take some trial and error, but your comfort is the ultimate goal. Dive into the Jordans’ world kicks that keep up with your swagger and celebrate that extra width. Choices are endless for your unique structure, and Jordans are prime! Check the coziest Jordans for wide feet with wide stride and let your Jordans be the anthem of self-love!Widest Jordans

Do Air Jordans Come in Wide Sizes?

Bust that myth, fam! Jordans ain’t just for the standard foot crew. In fact, they’re wide-feet friendly – stay true, go up half, or down half size. So, stretch without losing street cred and rock them like a true wide-feet boss.

Tippy-Top Jordans For Wide Feet

P.S. Not into Jordans? Cop wide-friendly Nike Dunk Low or SB version for skating. Peep the dunk size guide for a perfect fit!

Now, from Air Jordan 1s to sleek Air Jordan 13s, we’re breaking down silhouettes wide-foot warriors love. Check the ultimate Jordan size guide as your reference before you dive in! (The figures below are all based on US Men Size 9)

Are Jordan 1s Good for Wide Feet? Jordan 1 for wide feet

Absolutely! Jordan 1s rule the kingdom and aftermarket as timeless classics. They’re true to size, but here’s the deal. Some may face a pinky rub at first, but after a few wears, they stretch out, becoming your go-to cozy kicks. Need extra room? A good shoe stretcher‘s got your back. 

Fun fact: BIG celebs with uniquely wide feet rock Jordan 1s like it’s their BF!wide-naomi-wide-feet


Are Jordan 3 Wide Widthjordan 3 size width

Jordan 3, a celeb-collab fave with killer drops, keeps its reign. True to size, these Air Jordans vibe better with wide feet than some retros, though they might feel slightly narrow. So, the good news? Fast break-in, no long wait for comfort. Compared to a 4 or 1, the 3 feels fresher out of the box. 

Are Air Jordan 4 Good for Wide Feet?jordan 4 size width

Jordan 4, with its killer drops and topping Jordan’s sales charts, is a bummer for wide feet. It looks big outside but plays narrow inside. Going up half a size helps, but there are comfier models out there. However, check the ultimate Jordan 4 size guide, just to be sure.

Are Air Jordans 11 Good For Wide Feet?jordan 11 for wide feet

Now, onto Jordan 11 – not great for wide-footers. Basically, the patent leather brings stiffness, giving a narrow fit out of the box. Despite its iconic look and history, the fit disappoints from the get-go.

Air Jordans 12 For Wide Feet

On the flip side, Jordan 12 is a perfect Jordan for the wide-footed warriors who refuse to be shoe-shamed! Comfortable out of the box, it’s hailed as one of the best Jordans. It might loosen up after breaking in, but be cautious – going true to size might lead to a bit too loose. Play it safe, go down half a size for a snug fit.

Wide Feet Jordan 13jordan 13 for wide feet

As for Jordan 13, it’s a comfort king. Perfect for wide feet, it runs bigger than others. Known for grip and ankle support, it’s a top pick, especially for those with larger feet. Personal fave? Jordan 13 for the win, offering comfort that’s not just limited to narrow feet. 

Pro Tips For Choosing Shoes For Wide Feet:

  • Break them in with thick, damp socks or newspaper for a personalized fit.
  • Measure foot width regularly, and know your width (e.g., D for regular, E or W for wide).
  • Pick brands with width options for a comfier fit.
  • Choose shoes with rounded or squared-toe boxes to avoid cramped toes.
  • Always try on in-store to dodge discomfort pitfalls.
  • Scope out reviews from wide-footed peers on various sneaker community sites!
  • Consult a podiatrist for pro tips on kick selection and foot TLC.

Now That You Know Your Real Deal

Got those Best Jordans for wide feet? Time to flaunt ’em! And Maybe flip a pair or two for some extra hustle cash—your grind, your rules. Now, if you’re in the game, a sneaker bot might just be your game-changer. Moreover, having a sneaker bot means you can’t ignore those sneaker proxies. Regardless of your skills, a sneaker bot guide? Always a smart move!

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