Jordan 13 Wheat: 2 Decades Later, Still the Wheat Dream!

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air-jordan-13So, it’s been a while but the Jordan 13s are finally making a  HOT comeback! Jordan Brand’s holiday releases are bringing back the iconic 13th silhouette. This time in the form of the dazzling Jordan 13 Wheat. It’s been two whole decades, so This is one rare gem you won’t want to miss out on!

But hey if the 13s ain’t your thing, the Air Jordan 3 Fear is the way to roll this season! And if you wanna keep up with all the sneaker news, just hit that notification button on our blog!

Jordan 13 Wheat: Style So Fresh, It’s Flaky

Get ready to feel the nostalgia the classic Jordan 13 Wheat is bringing! This iconic colorway is reintroducing its timeless style from nearly 20 years ago. Picture this: a sleek white leather upper paired with rich golden wheat suede overlays on the mudguards, heels, ankles, and midsole. The tongues proudly showcase the Wheat Jumpman logos. While the ankle sports that iconic cat-eye hologram we all love. And for the finishing touch, a wheat rubber outsole ties it all together.

But that’s not all! The Jordan 13 Wheat is here for the whole family, available in a range of sizes. And it’ll come in special packaging that’s as cool as the kicks themselves. air-jordan-13-wheat

Release Alert

Mark November 21st on your calendar fam! That’s when the Air Jordan 13 Wheat will hit the shelves and trust us, for the usual $200. So, here’s the deal: if you’re a true Jordan fan, you gotta have at least one pair of Jordan 13s in your collection. 

However, these sneakers aren’t just about style – they’re also a potential goldmine! Right now, they’re averaging a cool $426 on the resale market. Can you imagine the possibilities if you snag multiple pairs? This could be your ticket to kick-starting your sneaker reselling venture. Don’t sleep on this opportunity! 

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