Top-tier Jordan 11 Colorways: The One’s MJ Loves Most!

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In ’95, echoing the powerful “I’m back,” MJ returned to Chicago, igniting a historic NBA triumph. That time, Tinker Hatfield‘s brilliance unveiled the AJ11. A gem worth the GOAT’s comeback, and the obsessed sneakerheads! Worn during the most iconic moments in MJ’s career, the AJ11 became every collectible dream. Indeed, from Boyz II Men to Will Smith, it crossed into mainstream culture. Basically, as a symbol of assurance akin to the OG Jordan 1, the AJ11 stood the test of time. So, after we covered the best AJ1 colorways in the game, today is the HOTTEST Jordan 11 colorways turn!best-jordan-11-colorways

Jordan 11 Colorways: The Grailworthy Of All Time

For nearly three decades, Air Jordan 11s have blessed our style and wallets. Every holiday season, the sneaker giant drops a new Jordan 11 colorway retro. Luckily for you, 2024 is brimming with opportunities for iconic returns and new colorways

You can check out the entire 2024 Jordan lineup HERE.

So, the following AJ11s fuse tech details from the AJ4 and 5. Its uncommon charm shines through the glossy patent leather wraparound, combined with blocking finesse from the AJ1 and 3.

Jordan 11 Concord

AVG Resale: $438Jordan 11 Concord

The cream of the crop among the best Jordan 11 colorways, without question, is the Concord edition. Indeed, it’s a real game changer, paying homage to MJ’s 1991 and 1996 NBA championships. Fortunately, it saw re-releases in 2000, 2011, and 2018. 

Moreover, in 2006, the DMP version added a fresh twist to the legendary Concord colorway. Lucky bunch, the 2023 holiday season marked the return of the Jordan 11 DMP after a long time!

Jordan 11 Bred (Playoffs)

AVG Resale: $371Jordan 1 Colorways Bred

Undoubtedly, the Bred colorway stands unparalleled in popularity among Jordan’s releases. A collector’s must-own, the Bred Jordan 11 is rich in Jordan’s legacy. Symbolizing MJ’s triumph in the 1996 NBA Playoff, securing another championship and NBA Finals MVP. With its striking Red translucent outsole, it retroed in 2001, 2008 (Countdown Pack), and last graced us in 2012. So, as great news, get ready for the grand return of Jordan 11 Bred in Holiday 2024. An iconic holiday gift!

Jordan 11 “Win Like ’82”

AVG Resale: $378Jordan 11 Win Like 82

Now, a standout in the best Jordan 11 colorways, the “Win Like ’82” edition radiates a classic vibe. Celebrating MJ’s California college triumph, it’s a must-have for any sneakerhead. Similar to the Concord, it graced us with re-releases in 2017 and 2021.

Jordan 11 Cherry

AVG Resale: $235
AJ11 Cherry

The Cherry Air Jordan 11, first released in 2001 and last seen in 2022, has become an all-time favorite for sneaker enthusiasts. Its iconic design and vibrant red accents make it a standout in the best Jordan colorways ever dropped!

Jordan 11 Space Jam

AVG Resale: $416Jordan 11 Space Jam

Then, we have the Space Jam Jordan 11. A cosmic masterpiece, pays tribute to MJ’s movie legacy. A timeless classic initially released in 2000 and later in 2016, it’s back with a huge surprise in 2024. So make sure not to miss your chance to own this iconic Jordan 11 colorway.

Jordan 11 Columbia

AVG Resale: $364AJ11 Columbia

The crisp elegance of the Jordan 11 Columbia makes it a pristine choice for the best jordan 11 colorways. Moreover, the AJ11 Columbia was worn by MJ during the NBA All-Star Game in 1996. But the sneaker has long been championed for its fresh arrangement and connection to the University of North Carolina. Like the AJ11Space Jam, get ready for the AJ11 Columbia return in 2024 too.

Jordan 11 Win Like 96

AVG Resale: $450AJ11 win like 96

Embodying Chicago Bulls glory with a record-breaking 72 wins in 1996, the “Win Like 96” AJ11 is a fiery statement piece. Released in 2017, it pays homage to MJ’s unmatched success with the Bulls. The vibrant red hue and premium build make it a collector’s gem.

Jordan 11 Cool Grey

AVG Resale: $298cool-grey-AJ11

Cool Grey Jordan 11 is the epitome of understated elegance. First introduced in 2001 and re-released in 2010 and 2021, its neutral tones and sleek design appeal to those seeking a versatile and stylish sneaker.

How to Cop The Hottest Upcoming Jordan 11s?

Snagging a pair of Air Jordan 11s is every sneakerhead’s and sneaker reseller‘s year-round dream. Basically, you’re not truly part of the sneaker or basketball scene without owning an AJ11. However, with all this hype and high demand, how do you secure a pair at retail?

Naturally, Nike SNKRS will drop the kicks, so you definitely need a reliable SNKRS bot that’ll do the job for you. So, you can find a list of the best Nike bots right here!

However, save your time and turn to the reigning champ, TSB2. With stellar updates, it’s been dominating recent Nike releases. Running a sneaker bot like TSB not only maximizes wins but opens doors to lucrative flips. So make sure to secure your copy today and be on the top of your sneaker game!

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