How To Clean Dunks Easily? Show Your Precious Pair Some Care!

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Nike remains the ultimate king of trendy sneakers and the resell community. That of course is no exception for Dunks. Dunks are iconic, bold, and absolute spotlights of every true sneakerhead collection.  Whether you’re aiming to preserve your hard-earned Dunks or looking to boost their resale value, proper care is a MUST. After covering storage tips, it’s time to focus on keeping your Dunks squeaky clean. Fear not, as this step-by-step cleaning guide has got you covered! Nike Dunks Cleaning

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How To Clean Dunks: The 5 Easiest Steps Ever

Before diving in, you can keep our go-to Dunk size, lacing, and styling guide in mind. After all, a clean, perfect fit, & a stylish look are all that we look for when flexing our HOT Dunks. Now, let’s begin with these easy cleaning steps!

1. Get an All-In-One Sneaker Cleaning Kit 

The Essential Kit is the first product you need to clean your Nike Dunk. Don’t hesitate to invest in a sneaker cleaning kit for optimal results. Perfectly engineered to preserve material and color. Something like SneakerAid shoe cleaning kit, as it includes everything you need for an affordable price. In fact, from soft and hard horsehair brushes, and premium shoe serum, to a microfiber towel, it’s an offer you can’t miss out on!

Nike dunk cleaning kit

2. Apply the Shoe Cleaner On Your Dunks

Next up, prep the shoe by removing the laces. Then, generously apply the SneakerAid Cleaner onto the uppers of the Dunks, focusing on heavily dirtied areas

3. Scrub Away

Dip the included soft horsehair brush into clean water and gently scrub your dunks in circular motions. The Cleaner and water will create a foam to lift dirt from the dunks.

4. Wipe Clean Your Nike Dunks

Use the provided microfiber towel to wipe off dirt and excess moisture from the Dunks. Basically, the premium materials of the towel ensure a gentle yet effective clean.

5. Apply The Final Touches 

Finish off by air-drying your Dunks in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. 

Although optional, using an Odor Protector to eliminate unwanted odors and bacteria is never a bad idea. So, spray it inside the sneaker and on the removable insoles, then allow them to dry overnight.

Indeed, with this final touch, your shoes will look and smell extra fresh!

FAQs On How To Clean Dunks

Can I Put my Nike Dunks in the Washing Machine?

It’s best to avoid washing your Nike Dunks in the machine, especially if they have suede or leather parts. In fact, the machine’s movement and heat might harm the shoes.

How Do I Clean Suede Nike Dunks?

Use a suede brush to remove dirt gently. For stains, try a suede cleaner or a mix of mild soap and water. Then, let them air dry and brush them again to restore the suede. For a full step-by-step guide on cleaning suede shoes, check out this guide right here!

Can I Use Bleach to Clean my Nike Dunks?

Bleach isn’t recommended as it can damage the shoes and cause irreversible yellowness. Instead, stick to mild detergent, dish soap, or sneaker cleaner as per instructions.

How Do I Remove Scuff Marks From My Nike Dunks?

A gentle cleaning solution and a soft brush usually work. However, for tough scuffs, try a magic eraser or a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth.

Can I Dry My Nike Dunks in the Dryer?

It’s safer to air dry them at room temperature. So, avoid using the dryer as the heat can harm the shoes.

How Often Should I Clean My Nike Dunks?

Clean them whenever they look dirty or stained, depending on how often you wear them and where. Indeed, keeping them clean helps maintain their appearance.

Now you Know How To Clean Your Dunks, it’s Time To Snag Them!

So, everyone dreams of owning, collecting, and reselling an exclusive pair of Nike Dunks. However, due to Nike SNKRS’s strict rules and the unfamiliarity with different types of drops, many end up disappointed and settle for shoes like Dunks.

But we’re here to solve your problems! In fact, the ultimate solution is to own a powerful Nike SNKRS bot to assist you on drop day. Save time and increase your chances of success with the best Nike bots in the game, right here! And remember to check out our blog for the latest news, along with helpful guides.

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