FaZe Clan Nike: When Bots Become Allies In The Gaming Field!

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faze-clan-nikeIs the sneaker culture taking over the world or vice versa? Sneaker news ain’t solely about drops anymore. You got drama. New collabs. You got NFTs. And broadening the horizons a lil more, you now have e-sports joining the sneaker world as well! With a Faze Clan Nike collab dropping soon, scales are gonna shift a little. And we ain’t complaining one bit as shit’s looking dope as heck! So, let’s check what these new kicks are all about! 

Before we get to the good part, if these kicks ain’t your cup of tea, you gotta know that you got quite the alternatives to choose from! Dropping soon are Jordan 1 Laney and AJ1 Black & White. And to keep up with all that’s happening in the shoe world, the shittiest blog in town is here for ya! 

Faze Clan Nike: A Little Background Check

Sooo, we didn’t know you can inherit partnerships. Well, technically it ain’t inheritance. LeBron James is still going strong with Nike as he’s literally on his 20th signature design! But now his son- Bronny- took the liberty to introduce a whole new sneaker concept to the industry. Being a member of the FaZe Clan– a proficient e-sports and entertainment organization located in the US- Bronny James helped e-sports achieve this era. 

What’s the main purpose of this collab, you ask? Well according to FaZe Clan’s creative director, “Our hope is that our first collaboration with Nike solidifies gamers belonging in the same realm of professional athletes.” And that by itself seals the deal fam! 

Black And Red Are All-Time Classics

If you’re both a gamer and a sneakerhead then the Faze Clan Nike collab is designed to specifically for you. The new Nike FaZe Clan LeBron James kicks feature black and red color schemes (the gaming system’s main circuit board’s colors). Black and semi-translucent cord-like webs cover the upper, while vibrant red engulfs the outsole, upper-tongue lining, and stitches around the silver holographic Swoosh. That’s one color block for the books! But this ain’t all. We still gotta tell you to expect another mini black Swoosh under the silver one, as well as a red FaZe Clan logo on the tongue! 


Release Deets

FaZe Clan Nike kicks will hit’em shelves on March 9, 2023. They’ll also retail for $160. But always remember, as long as supply chain issues exist, nothing is set in stone. Now, if you ain’t a gaming fanatic and these kicks don’t appeal to you much, you gotta know that it isn’t always about the looks. You need to consider what good the sneaker brings you on the aftermarket before that “Thank you, next” ritual you got going on! So, resale-wise, the new Nike Zoom LeBron NXXT Gen Faze Clan is making resellers a minimum of $279! But choose your sizes right, and you might make $773 faster than you can say “ultimate sneaker bot” in one breath!

Get FaZe Clan Nike- Or Any Nike Kicks- With TSB!

Y’all weren’t following with what we were saying? Well, we won’t hold a grudge, but here, you gotta be all ears. At the end of the day, whether you want to get a FaZe Clan Nike for the flex or the flip, it all depends on knowing the way to cop them. And considering how crappy Nike SNKRS drops are, catching Ls is much easier than catching Ws. 

First things first. Since this is a Nike drop, you’ll need to have a great Nike bot on hand. And lucky for ya, the shittiest and dopest bot on the market is available for only $300 per year! Taking into account that it supports 50+ regions, you can use TSB to score kicks from every corner of the world! But never underestimate the power great proxies and Nike accounts got on successful copping experience. Without them, your bot can be banned for life and no one wants that. Adios, Shit Fam!

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