Silver Nike Zoom Vomero 5: A Pair You Can Flex Everyday!

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silver-nike-zoom-vomero-5Plans for the day: Go to work, hit the gym, go out at night, then figure your shit out. You know you could complete all of these activities while wearing the same pair of shoes? Okay, all of them, except the last. That one’s on ya fam! Anyway, what we tryna say here, you’re definitely at the right place in this case! It’s rare to find yourself a pair of kicks you could flex literally anywhere you go. But guess what? We got that rare shit you been looking for! It’s the new Silver Nike Zoom Vomero 5! So, let’s see what these kicks are about, shall we?

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Silver Nike Zoom Vomero 5 

If you got flat feet, then the upcoming Silver Nike Zoom Vomero 5 is the perfect fit for you. With its Air Zoom technology, you’ll get what comfort really means. The Vomero design originally dropped in 2010, However, it attracted real hype when it dropped in 2019 through a collab with A-COLD-WALL*. Three years later and it’s back again!

So, the new women-exclusive Zoom Vomero 5 Photon Dust and Metallic Silver will feature Chrome, Gridiron, Photon Dust, and Sail colorways. What these joints don’t have is the upcoming Grey Gum Dunks’ simplicity! And we ain’t complaining one bit! Every last detail of these kicks looks like perfection itself. Last but not least, you’ll find mesh, leather, and other fabrics covering these kicks!


Release Deets

Silver Nike Zoom Vomero 5 will drop on February 22, 2023. It will also retail for $160. But you gotta know that such dates could change at any given moment due to them supply chain issues. So , if you wanna stay up-to-date with sneaker news, drops, and their release dates, make sure to check out our blog! Now as for resale, these babies are reselling for an average of $211 on the aftermarket. A pretty good investment if you ask us. Especially if you’re aiming to cop multiples! 

Wanna Catch The New Nike Zoom Vomero 5?

Looks like this Vomero 5 is Nike’s next big thing. Okay, next big thing after the Nike AIR movie that is! So if you wanna catch it, or any other limited pair of Nike kicks, for retail you gotta have the right tools with you. Most importantly a great Nike bot, like TSB. 

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Once you choose your bot, make sure you hook it with great proxies and Nike accountsHowever, don’t ever underestimate the power powerful servers got on the botting game. They can either make or break your whole setup. And one last thing, if you wanna build yourself some connections in the industry, joining a good cook group is your way to go! Till next time shitfam! 

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