Nike SB Instant Skateboards: Canine on the Money Leash

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Another Japanese sneaker is here to crap gold on the first date! Nike SB Dunks are the skate shoes of the century and blast every collaboration with unforgettable hype. The latest Nike SB Dunk releases include the MediCom collaboration and the Japanese-inspired Sashiko pair. Although recent regular Dunks like Lemon Wash, Ceramic, and the Grateful Dead Bears have been taking over the Nike classic scene, when an SB drops the world stands still. So, here’s to the upcoming Nike SB Instant Skateboards collaboration dropping this September.
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Instant Skateboards

Instant Skateboards is a SB specialty store founded in Japan in 1995. With only 5 available stores distributed between Tokyo and Chiba. Instant manufactures unique skateboards and gives soul skaters the tools to custom-make their own. The brand also posts how-to videos on its web page to teach beginners various skateboarding stunts.

Nike SB Instant Skateboards

Because it’s like Nike Dunk to celebrate anniversaries, what better way to celebrate Instant’s 25th year than with a fresh Nike SB collaboration? The Japanese brand probably never saw it coming. This special edition SB features three primary colors. A silver toe box gives it an electric appeal that can be spotted from a distance. And the mediator between the electric toe box and the second blue half of the sneaker is a gum midsole. 

Red and yellow interfere on the Instant-branded tongue print. As well as the culture-inspired graphic insole. The laces, Swoosh, and heel tab are black in color with yellow accents. And a mini canine power logo barks an estimated value of $1.5K at every passerby. 

The Nike SB Instant Skateboards will release on September 19th for a yet undetermined price. But if we know Dunks and we do, it’ll most likely sell for $100. No Dunk’s ever too pricey for the value it offers in return. And we make sure our bot users receive that value consistently with The Shit Bot.


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