The Nike Dunk Low Lemon Wash: Clean Version of “What the Dunk” 

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Just when we thought Nike’s “Move to Zero” save-the-planet mission was taking a breather after burning a hole into the ground. With the Nike Space Hippie-inspired Jordan Crater. Then came the Nike Dunk Low Lemon Wash with its garden glory. “A vibrant place in the urban jungle,” as Nike depicts it. Well, we’ve surely underestimated Nike’s willpower to vibe. Because this Dunk brings back the Travis Scott collaboration. With hints of washed-out Jordan Tie Dye. The best of both worlds? More like the best for one eco-friendly world. 

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Recent Dunks Could Use Some “Extra”

Lately on the Dunk side, we’ve been copping plain colorways. With two or three colors tops. We’re not saying that they don’t buy and resell well. Dunks are basically zero-risk. For $100, you can resell a pair for 10x more. Or flex it if you’re not satisfied with the bids. 

Some of the latest “plain” Dunks include the “Disrupt” pack, the Dunk Low Samba, and the unbreakable Ceramic pair. And the Grateful Dead Dunks are just hiding their plainess under all that fur. We ain’t complaining. But we could use something extra. A color or fabric mashup of some sort. That’ll have us saying “What the Dunk!”. Because just so we’re clear, it doesn’t get more extra than that. And resale proves it at an average $10,000 aftermarket value. Ain’t nothing but the truth for you fam.

Nike Dunk Low Lemon Wash

Recycled canvas is featured on the sneaker in color-washed patches. Although it is described as the “vibrant place,” its washed-out tie dye colorway perfects the iconic street look. Of patched up sleeves, worn out sneakers, and bleached jeans. Shades of purple and turquoise take turns patching up this sneaker. With “the vibrant place” featured in the use of Lemon Wash. The laces, heel tab, and Swoosh center on the hey hay vibe. It’s arguably one of the coolest Nike Dunk Lows to ever drop. And it’s got flowers and polka dots! You’re looking at 6x the retail value for this one as a minimum.

Expect the Nike Dunk Low Lemon Wash to drop on September 10th for a not so sour retail price of $100. With TSB and a day’s profit from a lemonade stand, you’ll be able to cop this greatness.


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