Nike ACG Mountain Fly Olive: Mountain Biking Became Extra Fun!

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Nike been upping the game this year. Whether it’s an Off White Futura Dunks auction, a dope Nike drop, a new collab, or hyping up Spreme, the Swoosh got it all! And its latest masterpiece is Nike ACG Mountain Fly Olive, which is dropping soon! So, if you’re a mountain biker or someone who enjoys long walks and some adventures, these are the kicks for ya! Now, let’s see what the new Mountain Fly 2 is all about, shall we? However, if these joints ain’t your jam, Air Jordan 3 Wizards will be dropping soon! 


Nike ACG Mountain Fly Olive Is Ready To Fly You Over Mountains!

Question is, what will these kicks look like? Well, these All Conditions Gear joints will feature Neutral Olive, Mountain Grape, light Orewood Brown, and Gridiron colorways. Olive will take over the breathable uppers, which are made outta durable materials. While the foam outsoles and midsoles will come covered in a Sail-Grey combo. And since these kicks were specifically designed for the trail, you’ll get crag-ready traction inspired by mountain biking tires. And as described by the Swoosh, these ACGs are “fast, rugged and ready for whatever wild comes your way.”


Release Deets

Now that we got an idea of how these kicks are gonna look, let’s dive into the when and the how much. So, these babies will drop on April 19, 2023. If supply chain issues don’t hit with all their force and push that date back, that is. Nike ACG Mountain Fly Olive will also retail for $150. Now, if y’all think that’s a bit much for a pair of kicks, know that they’re worth every penny spent on them. Because not only are they a cool flex, but you can get your money’s worth with extra profits if you flip a pair or two. A pair is worth a minimum of $190 and a maximum of $1,176 on the aftermarket! So, catch the right sizes, and cop ‘em in bulk and you’ll be making thousands of dollars in one go!

How To Catch ACG Mountain Fly 2 Olive For Retail? 

To catch the new Nike ACG Mountain Fly Olive, you first need to forget about manual copping and get your shit straight. After you do that, you’ll need to invest in a great Nike bot, like TSB. To help beat the competition to the checkout. This bot supports 50+ regions worldwide. This means that you’re able to cop off Nike SNKRS wherever you were in the world! And this ain’t even the best part peeps! Because all you gotta pay to have a copy is $300/Year! So, cop multiples, and those $300 will be back in your pocket as soon as you run TSB! Wanna learn more about the shittiest bot in town? Click below! 


But keep in mind that, if you’re dead serious about sneaker-copping, you gotta play the game till the end to get the best results. And playing the copping game requires you to hook your bot with some proxies and Nike accounts for better chances at catching Ws. 

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