Jordan 9 Powder Blue: Back After 3 Decades! Your First 9 Move?

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The Jordan 2024 lineup just landed, blowing our expectations out of the water! Choosing our top picks feels as thrilling as picking the perfect pizza topping. However, what everyone is eyeing is those coveted Js from the ’90s! Those classics left their mark on both the aftermarket and sneaker world. So, speaking of killer returns, the one-of-a-kind Jordan 9 Powder Blue is too LIT to sleep on! Curious why? Let’s dive in and find out!Air Jordan 9 powder blue

Air Jordan 9, The One After His Airness Retired

Tinker Hatfield‘s creation, the Jordan 9, hit the scene after MJ left the NBA in ’93 but still carried a global impact. Despite MJ’s break, PEs emerged, with stars like Kendall Gill and BJ Armstrong rocking unique versions.

The initial release featured four colors, classic black and white, “Powder Blue,” “Olive,” and “Charcoal.” And what sets the AJ 9 apart is its sole, adorned with words like “peace” and “freedom” in various languages–highlighting its universal appeal!

Keeping the hype alive, iconic drops like the Jordan 9 Chile Red paved the way. Now, in 2024, the Jordan 9 Powder Blue is the real deal! Last seen in 2010 with a slight shade tweak, it’s finally making a comeback! This colorway pays tribute to MJ’s UNC roots for its 30th anniversary.

Jordan 9 Powder Blue: MJ’s Alma Mater Vibe in Visual Symphony!

MJ was always vocal about his love for his alma mater, the University of North Carolina. The UNC Blue colorway, a constant theme in Jordan’s career, certainly stood the test of time.

Staying true to the original, the Jordan 9 Powder Blue features a soft “White” leather, showcasing a fresh “Powder Blue” midsole. This color palette extends to the “Dark Powder Blue” mesh tongue, laces, and corresponding sockliner.

Unlike the 2010 release, the 2024 version will exclude the #23 embroidery on the heels, aligning it with the OG 1994 one. Lucky for us, these kicks will arrive in various sizes for all the family!

So, such epic kicks call to get that perfect fit. Measure your foot size right and unlock the best flex ever!Jordan 9 Powder Blue 2024

Release Alert: Time To Bless Up Your Reselling Game!

Save the date! The Jordan 9 Powder Blue 2024 is dropping on March 23rd, via SNKRS, for $210. Now, that might feel steep for a pair of 9s, but check this out! These kicks are currently scoring over $2K on StockX. So, imagine the extra cash you could make by copping and flipping multiple pairs!

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