Air Jordan 1 High Latte: A Coffee-Sneaker Match Made in Heaven!

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Coffee time, fam! Nike’s brewing up some serious heat with coffee-inspired kicks. But this time they ain’t part of a collab with Travis Scott. And although we wish they were, it doesn’t make them feel less lit. So, to all caffeine addicts, this is your time to shine, because soon you can be rocking the new Air Jordan 1 Latte!



So, according to @zSneakerheadz, this new Latte Air Jordan 1 is supposedly coming our way in 2024. But it’s never too early to prepare ourselves for such a hot drop. Word on the street is that AJ1 might be sliding into the women’s-exclusive lane, so you know it’s gonna bring some extra flair! So, keep an eye out for this one!

Air Jordan 1 Latte

If you liked the Air Jordan in Mocha, think of the Latte as Mocha’s cool cousin. It features a sleek leather upper glammed up with brown accents. So basically, they share the same color blocking. However, the Latte AJ1 does set itself apart from the Mocha with a lighter brown tone that contrasts against the white base and black overlays. Further detailings include a vintage-like sail midsole and a Latte brown rubber outsole, which take the design to a new level.

All in all, these kicks rock a luscious brown colorway, mirroring the cozy tones of freshly roasted coffee beans. Crafted with top-notch leather and some seriously fine detailing, these Js are like a finely brewed espresso in sneaker form, taking your style game to the next level! 


Release Deets

Now that you got an idea of what the upcoming kicks look like, it’s time to dig deeper. The Air Jordan 1 Latte will drop in 2024 and will retail for $180. Yes, we know that AJ1s used to sell for $170 before inflation hit the industry. However, whether it’s a $10 or a $20 price increase, you gotta keep in mind that those Lattes ain’t your ordinary kicks. And the fact we’re mentioning them 2 months before 2023 ends should say enough.

So, whether it’s for the flex or the flip, know that the upcoming kicks are gonna be worth every penny, since resale will probably be as promising as this kick’s drip. Till then, make sure you invest in a Nike bot with an impeccable track record. You’ll totally need it, and here’s why! Oh, and no one wants to catch a W, only to find out they copped the wrong shoe size. So make sure you’ve got an idea of how Jordans fit. Till next time, fam!

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