Jordan 1 Hyper Royal: Can’t Help It With the Royal Drip!

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And we’ll never be royals, it don’t run in our blood… Well, at least your kicks can be in 2021! The royalty theme has always been a synonym to his Airness. And if Basketball has a status quo, Michael Jordan would be on the top of the monarchy. Of course, along with other legendary players in the game. But how do kicks come into play? Well, the Air Jordan line is technically built on storytelling fam. That shit is still going strong since 1985 too! And that makes it pretty natural to tell the story of royalty with kicks. That’s why we’re all feeling crazy excited for the new Jordan 1 Hyper Royal! We all want in on some royalty crap, and we’re lyin’ if we say otherwise.

TSB Takes Some Royal Shit Lately!

The Wasted Youth SB Dunks are pretty cool, and they’re pretty hard to get. But when you got TSB doing all the magic crap it does, you’ll get them kicks. And if you did, then you’ll be makin’ some serious dough! And if it’s not your cuppa, Nike Dunk Michigan along with two Green Dunks are on their way. Don’t miss out on it, especially if you’re a Dunkie junkie! 

Jordan 1 Hyper Royal: Summer, Here We Come!

You know the spring/summer season is almost there when we start getting them colorful kicks. Easter kicks were a pretty lit season intro, not gonna lie. But what we really need is a bombshell release that will seriously take our summer to the next level. And that’s totally the new Jordan 1 Hyper Royal. The pair features a distressed blue suede upper with white leather underlays. But that’s not all, the collar, swoosh, and outsole come in a light gray. This color palette is serving some serious heat, no cap, and we’d be fools to not try to cop!

aj1-retro-hyper-royal    jordan-1-hyper-royal

Release Deets

Air Jordan 1 Hyper Royal will drop on April 17, 2021, for $170. The kicks will be available in adult sizing! And good news for the ladies, Jordan Brand extended the sizing to include women sizing. So women’s Jordans are getting a pretty cool summer collection! And if you missed on the Jordan 1 University Blue, the Hyper Royals are a pretty strong hype competition. The pair also looks like the pretty limited Carpet Company Royal Pulse Dunks!

Here’s Why You Should Cop Jordan 1 Hyper Royal

If the sexy-looking Jordan 1 Hyper Royal didn’t win you over yet, its resale value certainly will. If you manage to cop a pair, you can flip it for up to $750 fam! That’s some really good cash if you flip one pair. Imagine the money you can make with multiple pairs? Right on! Good luck fam, and you’ll totally have it with TSB! And make sure you keep your eyes on the hottest releases on the shittiest blog in the industry!

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