Wasted Youth SB Dunk Low: Is The Denim Trend Back in 2021?

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Now that Easter is around the corner, we got some pretty holiday-ish kicks to celebrate! But once the holiday ends, we need some more kicks to wear or flip. So if y’all are looking for the next best shit, we won’t waste your time! The Wasted Youth SB Dunk Low brings back so many memories of the 2000s, and we’re diggin’ it. Nike seriously covers all fashion tastes, whether you’re into funky or classic shit, it’s all there! So let’s check out the latest collab and why we should all copping.


What’s Wasted Youth?


Wasted Youth is a brand by the Japanese graphic designer Verdy. He’s also the brains behind the brand Girls Don’t Cry! We all remember last year’s epic Girls Don’t Cry SB Dunks. There were two pairs, a pair that was F&F exclusive, while the other was Japan-exclusive. And we gotta say fam, the 2019 public release looked unusually better than the F&Fs! You can only find the QS pair on the aftermarket though, but you’ll be spitting around $2,500.

Wasted Youth SB Dunk Low

2020 got its fair share o’ Dunks, that we can all agree on. But some people think that 2021 will bring the doom of the silhouette with it! And every time, Nike drops a bombshell and says: “What do we say to the god of death? Not today!” The new Wasted Youth SB Dunk features an all-black colorway, but different materials. It looks like a patchwork of leather and black denim, yup straight outta 2000!

wasted-youth-sb-dunk-low-nike    verdy-sb-dunks

But that’s not all that makes the pair interesting. We also have a red rose on the side panel to spice things up. And if you look inside the kicks, you’ll find two sentences on the insoles. ‘No Thank You I Don’t Need Your Support’ and ‘Don’t Bother Me Anymore.’ These are probably sentences Verdy uses with the DM sliders!


The Whens and Wheres of Wasted Youth SB Dunk Low!

The upcoming Wasted youth SB Dunk Low will drop on April 6, 2021, for your usual $110. But if you look at the resale, the pair goes for around $800! It can even go up to $1,000+ if you’re smart enough with your size picking.

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