New Jordans for Women: Kicks to Change the World In!

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The women’s sneaker culture is growing slowly but steadily, we’re barely noticing it! From empowerment movements to women-exclusive kicks, we’re seeing it all. This is also a big part of the Nike vs Adidas rivalry! Where every brand tries so hard to cater to female sneakerheads’ needs and tastes. But the sneakers that take the cake are naturally the amazing Jordans. The new Jordans for women are a feast to the eyes and envy material for the chaps! So now that she broke the rules, it’s time to change the world, no cap.

Air Jordan 9 Change the World: Best New Jordans for Women!

We got several women’s exclusives in the past couple of years, but never an Air Jordan 9. But that’s about to change this March! We’re getting a pretty nice Air Jordan 9 colorway for the ladies. The new Jordans for women will go by the name “Change the World”. Maybe that’s a shoutout for all the ladies out there changing the world and rewriting the rules! The kicks will come in a mismatched colorway, a theme Nike’s been into for a while now! The right side lies on the warm side of colors with a mix of light orange, pink, and dark orange. On the other foot, we’re feelin’ some ice thanks to the mix of blue, purple, and pastel yellow. If that’s not a great colorway, we don’t know what is fam.


The new Jordans for women will drop on March 31, 2021, for $190. And honestly, these kicks have a lot of potential! Especially that they go for an average of $320. That’s not a bad profit for flipping the pair. But make sure you keep one for yourself or your other half! But make sure you have TSB by your side to cop that pair. It never hurts to have the best Nike Bot with you huh?

Other New Jordans for Women

2021 seems to be the year for women’s sneakers, and we fully support that! That’s why we’re gonna show you some cool women’s Jordans that dropped and will drop in 2021. Here are the new Jordans for women that you absolutely need in your rotation!

À Ma Manière x Jordan 3

First, we got the upcoming À Ma Manière x Jordan 3 “Raised by Women”. If that ain’t the truth! With this collab, the AJ3 drops the elephant skin and puts on some awesome grey suede. The white leather upper is as awesome as ever! This release will probably be a store exclusive. Meaning, it resells for $1,000+! The pair will drop on March 30, 2021, and we’ll keep you posted when we have more news.


Air Jordan 1 Silver Toe

Remember when that dropped? Well if you don’t, check it out here! That was a pretty shiny pair of kicks and we loved it! You can get that pair for around $300 off the resale market. Not too much to pay for, but if you’ve got several pairs, flipping them won’t be too bad. Well, if you had TSB, you probably would’ve been among the happy shoppers. It pooped so hard on this release!


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