How To Become A Nike Member? Join The Club & Unlock Perks!

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No matter how humble you try to play, getting a lil special treatment feels nice. There’s something so different about knowing you’re one of a few. Similar to owning a 1/1 pair of sneakers or an exclusive Stanley Cup! This also works with exclusive memberships and clubs. Where you get to enjoy different privileges, and in many cases, save up some cash. You know, in return for how much you paid as an entrance fee. In this game, you get elite treatment when you learn how to become a Nike member.Nike Membership

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What Is Nike Membership?

Nike Membership is Nike’s loyalty program, offering special rewards and benefits to its favorite customers. Indeed, Nike Membership has something for you no matter what you want to do. So, what advantages can you expect?

Nike Membership Benefits & Rewards

Basically, Nike Membership is your gateway to an array of incredible offerings! Let’s explore the wonders together!

Sport & Wellness

Expert coaches in the Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club apps are here to guide & help you hit milestones and discover new paths. So, as a member, it’s time to amp up your moves!


SNKRS app quickly became the go-to platform for snagging limited-edition Nike kicks. Lucky us, being a Nike member gives you the chance to score the HOTTEST Nike kicks on SNKRS! Moreover, you can browse the digital catalog, to stay updated on the latest releases! 

Nike By You

Designing your own sneaker is every sneakerhead‘s dream, and Nike By You makes it a reality. So, as a Nike member, you can unleash your creativity by customizing your Nike gear with curated materials and colors. 

Member Rewards

Get ready to celebrate! Enjoy hot drops, member-exclusive offers, and fun challenges. It’s Nike’s way of saying thank you for being a part of the fam!

Member Product

Another shopping bonus as a Member is unlocking exclusive styles, the freshest colorways, and unbeatable deals.

Members Also Get

The best part? As a Nike member, you get all the cool extras, 24/7! You can think of free shipping on orders over $50, wear tests, receiptless returns, and so much more.

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How To Become A Nike Member Step-By-Step?

First, Is Nike Membership Free?

That’s correct! Nike Membership is free to join, making it accessible to everyone who wants to enjoy the service. 

How do I Join Nike Membership?

Becoming a member, you’ll enjoy the benefits immediately. Basically, there are two ways to join:

First You can visit the Nike Membership page and create an account.

OR You can download any of the Nike apps and create an account.

From Any Nike App

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap “JOIN”
  3. Fill in the required fields
  4. Select “JOIN US”

P.S. Make sure to use a valid email address to finish signing up. You’ll get a code sent to your email for confirmation. Then, you can start getting all the cool stuff, like updates on new releases!

If you need any help becoming a member you can click right here. Indeed, Nike is always happy to help!

FAQs On How To Become a Nike Member

How can I learn about and attend Member-exclusive events?

Join your community for live Member-only events by checking the “Events” tab in the Nike App. So, enable push notifications to stay updated on upcoming events.

How can I chat with a Nike Expert?

Get sport and style advice from our experts through the Nike App. Connect with a live expert by tapping on the profile tab and opening your Member Rewards.

How Can You Maximize My Rewards As a Nike Member?

Beyond Nike Membership

Now, as sneakerheads, our focus often turns to the Nike SNKRS App. While being a Nike member helps with updates, buying exclusive sneaker releases on SNKRS is TOUGH. That’s where a powerful Nike SNKRS bot comes in handy! Indeed, sneaker bots are ruling the game currently! Becoming the only solution for resellers and collectors alike seeking those smoothie Ws! So, if you’re new to the gig, you’ve reached a perfect place to get started.

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