What is Nike By You? And How Can You Use It?

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Designing your own sneaker is every sneakerhead‘s ultimate dream! Lucky for us, Nike By You(formerly NikeID) blazed the trail in personalization. Since its 2000 debut, NikeID transformed how we think about and purchase footwear, making custom kicks a massive hit! Thanks to its simplicity and affordability.

From starting online to expanding to over 100 in-store “studios” globally, Nike’s history of shoe customization spans decades, with Nike ID leading the way.

It’s time to step up your sneaker game! It’s not just about snagging the latest drop; it’s about owning something uniquely yours- a real statement! So, let’s break it down: how Nike By You works, how to join the member club, and whether you can flip these custom kicks OR not.sneaker-customization

How does Nike By You work?

Nike by You is all about personalizing your Nike gear, especially those kicks.

Here’s the deal: snag eligible sneakers on Nike.com,  jazz them up with colors and materials, and even add a touch of your style.

Spot a pair you like? Hit “Customize” to unleash your creativity. Check out your tweaks on the product images as you go. Some styles allow a Personal iD (PiD) if you follow the rules. Browse through the styles, look for the newest kicks, and find “Customize” and “Design Your Own” images. Not every sneaker can be jazzed up, but there are a bunch of cool choices.

Also, the customization process involves tinkering around until you find that perfect design.

So, the member’s stories? Inspiring, real, and straight from regular folks turning their designs into gold to those who went from customizers to creators – it’s all happening in the Nike By You world.Nike By You Customized sneakers

How long till Nike By You kicks are at your doorstep? 

Your custom pair will land within two to six weeks, just check the estimated arrival time, depending on your chosen style.

How To Join Nike By You?

For Nike By You access, it’s all about being a Member. Log in during checkout or sign up for a profile. Once you’re in, it’s a VIP pass to custom kicks and more. Returns are part of the deal too.

Thus, customize your pair, but mind the Personalization Policy. Add a personal ID following the rules to keep things legit.

Now, check out these fab custom Nike picks, but the official site’s got loads more kicks to explore. 

NBA stars and Nike By You

NBA star, Kevin Durant’s  KD 16 has finally landed on Nike By You, rolling out in its classic September drop.

Similar to recent Nike Sabrina 1 and Dunk Low releases, the KD 16 offers a vast color palette. Get ready for vibrant neons or soft pastel shades. The design playground is wide open! Metallic details add some pizzazz to the upper and midsole, and even the smallest accents, like the heel swoosh, can be personalized.KD 16 Nike By You

Can You Resell These Customized Sneakers?

Reselling these customs? Not a piece of cake. Since they’re straight from Nike, getting a high price is a tough game. Therefore, the market’s kinda small as they sell these directly. There’s talk of limited batches for unique designs but it’s not set in stone!

So, if you’re lucky you can sell ’em on Facebook, Instagram, or eBay. But don’t expect them to pop up on major sneaker-reselling spots!

However, want in on the resale game for regular coveted releases? Nike releases are gold. Resellers are cashing in by buying at retail and selling high. Check this helpful blog to dive into this golden opportunity!

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