Dunk Low Verdy Visty Is the Cutest Yet Fuzziest We’ll Ever Get!

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When it comes to rocking those cartoon-themed kicks, you know Nike always kills it. And when there’s some funky freshness brewing, you can bet the Swoosh is gonna bring its A-game. Today, we’ve got a wild mashup of both, and the spotlight is on a fierce SB Dunk pair. Saw those +$4k Grateful Dead SB Dunks in 2020 and thought we’d hit peak fuzz? Think again. The Swoosh never rests, always dropping epic heat, and the new Dunk Low Verdy Visty is living proof. These perfectly hairy dunks are what your wallet’s been dreaming about! So, the Verdy Nike collab has whipped up another storm, and it’s too hype to sleep on. Ready to dive into all the deets of this fire release? Let’s get it!Verdy Visty Nike Dunks

Verdy Is No Stranger to Nike’s Masterpieces

You’ve likely seen K-pop giants Blackpink enchanting fans globally, right? The real hero behind their “Born Pink World” tour’s visual spectacle is Verdy, a major force in Japan’s design world. Beyond the stage, Verdy’s creative prowess extends to collabs with big names like Swatch, Kid Cudi, and NIGO. As well as fashion giants like Hiroshi Fujiwara, Beats By Dre, and Dr. Martens. However, his iconic Nike collaborations that really stand out.


In 2019, Verdy released two highly coveted Girls’ Don’t Cry SB Dunks for Valentine’s Day. With the public versions even eclipsing the exclusivity of the F&F edition, now going over a massive $2,500 on the aftermarket. Fast forward to 2021, and Verdy dropped the Wasted Youth SB Dunks, infused with punk and skate influences, marking another hit collab. With an ongoing affinity for SB Dunks, anticipation for a third groundbreaking drop is mounting. Will it top the charts again? Let’s watch and see.


Dunk Low Verdy Visty: A Fluffy Plushie Toy On Your Feet

Caught staring at those kicks again? Meet the Dunk Low Verdy Visty, born from a 2021 $1K plush toy designed for Verdy’s RISE ABOVE exhibit in Tokyo. Now, we’re rocking that hairy charm on our feet, and it’s love at first sight!

Sporting the “VISTY” colorway, these Nike SB dunks flash pastel blues, pinks, and yellows, echoing Easter and Visty’s furry vibes. They feature green and pink fur across tongues and panels, and pastel yellow laces. Plus, blue suede overlays, and pink leather Swooshes, all nodding to the original plush toy’s colors. Special graphics on the furry tongues and a green rubber outsole add the final touches. 

With such a standout release, these Dunks are bound to cause a stir. So, make sure to know how they fit just right when you’re so lucky to cop a pair. But, how exactly can you nail this drop?

Verdy Visty SB Dunks

Lately, another Verdy SB Dunk has surfaced in the notorious “Panda” colorway featuring a hairy upper with the character’s face on the lateral heel. Inspired by the character Vick, unfortunately, the Vick Verdy Dunks are F&F exclusive.verdy-panda-dunks

Nike SB Dunks

How To Cop The Verdy Visty SB Dunks With No Sweat?

First up, you need to know that the Verdy Visty SB Dunks will drop sometime this summer for $135. But here’s where it heats up: you could flip these kicks for around $1,500 each! Thinking about stacking your cash? Bulk buying is the move.

But let’s keep it real: everyone’s gonna be on the hunt for the Nike SB Dunk Low on release day. So, you’ll definitely need some extra juice to snag that W. Your top tactic? A killer Nike SNKRS bot. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the best Nike bots ruling the game right now in this handy guide. So, make sure to check it out. And when you choose yours, don’t forget to pair it with solid Nike accounts and top-notch proxies. You’re all set then. Catch ya later, fam!

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