Suede Panda Dunks: That Shit We Crave Is Getting a Makeover!

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This Panda’s gone boujee! It’s that kind of love spell we can’t shake off, and hey, we’re not complaining. From your grandma to that influencer with a million followers, everyone’s stepping out in those iconic black and white Dunks. They’re a must-have for every trendsetter on the block. And trust us, even after countless restocks and remixes, we still lose our minds over a fresh drop! The latest Panda Dunks have just landed, and it looks  they will sell fast! Nike’s cranking it up a notch this time. Blessing us with the makeover we desperately need in 2024 to keep up with the trends. So, when are the suede Panda Dunks dropping? And what makes them a standout? Let’s dive in and find out. And if you’re on the hunt for new killer Dunk designs, the new Futura Dunks are all what are you looking for. panda-dunks-2024

Suede Panda Dunks: Same Swag, Just Extra Fancy!

If you’re just new to the game, let’s give you a quick rewind to catch up. The Panda Dunk frenzy kicked off in March 2021, catching us all off guard. These kicks blew up in popularity faster than you can lace them up. Following the buzz of the latest red Panda Dunks, Nike is shaking things up once more with the suede Panda Dunks, adding a touch of luxury to this iconic style.

The design you love stays intact but gets a premium upgrade with soft suede replacing the traditional leather overlays. Everything else sticks to the true Panda formula. A sharp white base with bold black Swooshes and a two-tone midsole and outsole. They even throw in an extra set of laces for some personal flair. So, if you’re aiming to add a splash of coolness and stand out with these Dunks,  peep these slay dunk lacing methods. And make sure they fit perfectly right here if you’re one of the lucky few to cop a pair.panda-suede-Nike-dunks

When & How Can We Cop These New White and Black Dunks?

Now, while we’re still waiting on the exact drop details, we’re eyeing a Summer 2024 release for these must-have dunks, priced at $115. Better keep your eyes on our go-to blog for the latest scoop. 

As for the resale scene, it’s a toss-up… Will these be a total flop or a massive flip? Only time will tell. But one thing’s certain: snagging a pair for retail will need some serious bot help.

Let’s face it, we’re all prepping to go insane for these HOT suede Panda Dunks. Therefore, you better look out for a top-notch Nike bot to boost your Ws chances. And lucky you, you’re just in the right spot! TSB stands out as one of the best and most reliable in the sneaker bot game. And with TSB2 running, enjoying a one-of-a-kind Nike copping experience is certain! See ya later, fam!

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