Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Rage Green: Step Off My Green Suede Shoes!

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The most recent showcasing of the Air Zoom and Jordan 1 was in March with the Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Racer Blue of the Fearless Pack. Or as we like to call it, the Air Dior financial setback. Summer is here and the Jordan team’s volty aggressive take on the Air Jordan Zoom lineup is plausible. Since 2020 hasn’t been an ideal walk in the park. More like a run-for-your-life park state. So, Rage Green is more like it. And doesn’t it kind of look like a mashup between the Air Jordan Zoom silhouette and the Nike SB Dunk Brut exterior? Although these hairy greens are a bit too winter broccoli for summer, we’ll take what we can get from Jordan.

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Rage Green Is Certainly Fearless

With a green hairy suede on the side panels and black leather dominating the overlays, we like to think of this Jordan as the life-like version of the Nike SB Dunk Skunk. Isn’t that right, Reverse Skunk? Frankly, you’re too busy crushing it on resale with your fine purple haze to even bother noticing. Dark greens get their turn and so do lights since all is good in suede. But the colorway is not all the rage of light touches. Look at that 3M reflective Swoosh on the side? It looks damn familiar. Because we just recently caught a glimpse of that meteor shower on the women’s Nike P(HER)SPECTIVE Pack! Which is ALSO dropping on June 20. Right, so this Air Jordan 1 High Zoom is releasing on June 20 for $175 at retail. Legendary below $200 and can’t be missed!

air jordan 1 high zoom rage green

The Grass is Greener With The Shit Bot

Whether you top this Air Jordan Zoom over Pine Green or the other way around is your call. Both are 2020 Jordans and both are smokin’ high on that green stuff. This one’s currently worth over $1,000 on resale and we bet these numbers will keep rolling! All-region Nike releases are game with The Shit Bot and we got the success rates to prove it.


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