TheShitBot: Biggest Updates for the Best Nike Bot

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Being the best Nike bot & the most consistent in such a competitive battlefield isn’t easy! But our users know that we’re always on our feet trying to incorporate the best technologies to give them what they need. Nike & Jordan Sneakers!

So what’s the latest with TSB? The latest updates were all inspired and suggested by our loyal users. We’ve always listened and we always will. We aim to make buying exclusive Nike sneakers as easy as a stroll in the park, and this new update will do that! So whenever you have a great suggestion, hit us up on Discord and if it serves the bigger cause, count us IN!


General Updates & Enhancements for The Best Nike Bot!

  • Major overall refactoring of TSB Source-code
  • New User Interface is now out and Lit!
  • Toggle between light & dark themes
  • New security levels implemented to the bot
  • Enhancements in QS URL ERROR!
  • Enhancements to public/private hooks!
  • Fixes to mass URL / ProxyList injection
  • Mass size injection feature added
  • Set size on task based on selected offer
  • Sending pooped tasks logs to discord
  • Product selection on edited tasks – uses older product
  • Closed browsers force restart task from now on
  • Offer selection logic refactoring and enhancements
  • Akamai Enhancements for cookie harvester

TSB Checkout Process – NSWBA tasks – MAJOR Patch – covers all regions:

  • Major overall enhancements to the browser checkout process
  • GS checkout Big enhancements
  • New checkout link generator
  • New ATC link generator
  • Task / Proxy management enhancements
    • Tasks now linearly check all proxies and assign uniquely 1:1 proxy to task ratio
    • Tasks with bad/ banned proxies will restart with a new proxy
  • Added exclusive access to task creation window
    • This will attempt to force checkout instead of going into sleep-mode
  • Enhancements on filling CC details on NSWBA tasks
  • Added support for Indian && Vietnam ( IN / VN ) states
  • Russian passports profiles now implemented

Settings Tab

  • Template refactored
  • Added test webhook button
  • Cookie Jar is now under the settings tab
  • Auto Updater FIXED

Profiles Tab

  • Removed country from the profile 
  • Added address 3 field to profile (optional)

Accounts Tab

  • Major Account Checker enhancements
  • Fixed bug with accounts importing/adding


  • Enhancements on performance
  • Flow is smoother and tabs are sorted in a more orderly manner
  • Edits in Mass selecting/ editing

Release Calendar

Wouldn’t be the Best Nike Bot without a release calendar. Would it now? TSB now features a Nike release Calendar that you can filter by region to help you keep track of every new Nike release that’s coming up. Now, you’re ready to GET’EM Sh*t Fam!

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