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So What’s a Sneaker Bot or a Nike Bot?

I think you getting here took quite some research. Therefore, you must have stumbled upon the definition and the purpose of using a sneaker bot many times. But we have a simplified edition here.

A sneaker bot is an advanced and complicated piece of software designed to buy limited-edition sneakers. Fast! Really fast! You can buy whatever sneakers you’d like using a sneaker bot, but with their prices ranging from $200 to over $500 do you wanna waste them on an over the counter pair of shoes?

Every once in a while, a new kind of bots takes center stage. And lately, with Nike scoring some very big partnerships and releasing the most exclusive sneakers, a Nike bot is what you need.



You Need One, No Doubt!

The fact that some limited-edition sneakers can make loads of profit in a very short time is very tempting. That’s why so many new sneaker fans take on this journey of buying and selling sneakers.

Among the most desired sneakers are Jordans and Nike sneakers. Nike’s partnership with numerous artists, athletes, and musicians elevated the level of desirability of its products. Especially sneakers.

And this hype normally leads to these shoes becoming subject to reselling. Yes, there’s a big, valuable, and well-established black market for sneakers. But no one really calls it a black market now. Not since reselling shoes turned into a living many sneaker fans.

So far, everything we’re saying is BS. Maybe showing you some numbers would change your mind?

Got It?

So, a $100 pair of sneakers can make you well over a $500 profit. And it’s numbers like this that get so many people, like you, hooked to the game of copping and flipping sneakers.

Needless to say that limited-edition items are limited. This means only a small number of items is available for the public to purchase. That’s when you realize you NEED a sneaker bot. Or a Nike bot in our case. 

As mentioned above, a Nike bot does what you as a normal customer would do, but faster. And speed is the secret ingredient in this mess of a recipe. Plus, who would wanna settle for a $500 profit when they can make thousands from every limited sneakers release.

A Nike bot can get you as many pairs of Jordans, and Nikes as you’re prepped to buy. Read the next paragraph to know how you can actually prep.

Beyond Your Nike Bot?

Proxies, Servers, and Nike Accounts. That’s all you need to cop limited Nike sneakers using your Nike bot. Counting is easy, the tricky part here is finding the winning formula.

Nike Proxies & Serversnike-bot

Since Nike releases tend to get very tricky and hard to go by, special proxies are needed to get you through. By special we actually mean residential proxies. Thing is, residential proxies are much harder to get banned and are generally more reliable and look less spammy. 

A residential proxy is like a middleman that uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Every one of these proxies has a legit physical location. This makes them a lot more credible than Datacenter proxies when browsing the internet. Your IP actually points out to a place, a real physical address. This reduces your risks of getting banned and allows you to actually access websites that could be blocked from your region of the world. 

And as for how many proxies you’ll need, always live by the “Better Safe Than Sorry” motto. For every pair of sneakers you’re willing to buy (or COP in sneakerhead language) you need a dedicated proxy. So aiming to get 10 pairs of Nike? You’ll need a minimum of 10 residential proxies.

Renting the Best Sneaker Server

Always start with why. So why do you need a sneaker server to cop sneakers?

Sneaker servers are technically computers that are located remotely, on which you can run any software. But they offer a lot more than your squeaking old pc.

Sneaker servers’ performance varies depending on your needs. And by needs, we mean how many pairs you’d like to cop. So the more pairs you’re looking to add to your collection, the higher specs your server should have.

Another big thing about sneaker servers and proxies is the location. So, you’re running your Nike bot to cop from Nike US or Nike UK. Logically your chosen proxies and server should originate from a nearby location to the site you’re targeting. This should minimize any delays in your requests and responses from sneaker sites. Meaning it would speed up your sneaker shopping and help you get to your shoes faster than anyone else.

Nike Accountsnike-swoosh-logo

So far, everything we said applies to any type of sneaker bot. But running a Nike bot & copping from Nike, needs 1 more thing. Thank god there are plenty of providers to help you with this step.

Nike’s most exclusive and coveted sneakers usually drop via raffles. And your only chance to actually cop a pair or more is by entering these raffles with some Nike Verified Accounts. No accounts, no sneakers! It’s that simple.

You can always manually create Nike accounts, it’s not a big deal. But if you want to play this right you need many accounts. Like so many, you can’t possibly have enough email addresses. So the best way to do this is to buy Nike Verified accounts. And there are some industry-renowned providers to help you out. Check some of them out here.

An All in one sneaker bot Vs. a Nike Bot

As with proxies, servers, and even sneakers, there are types of sneaker bots. So you might actually buy the best sneaker bot out there, but end up with nothing. Simply because you chose the wrong TYPE!

And honestly, there isn’t really a workaround this kinda sh!t, you just gotta know your bot. And when it comes to Nike releases, only a Nike bot would do.nik

You might have heard so much about All-in-one bots, The best one, the OG, and the priciest in the black market. But none of these can help since copping from Nike requires a dedicated Nike bot. Like TSB for example

TSB: The BEST Nike Bot!

So what really differentiates TSB from other Nike bots, is the set of features it offers. In addition to a one of a kind, really cool and shitty UI, using TSB you can check every Nike account before release day. You have no clue how many Ls you’ll dodge thanks to this feature.

Want more? TSB is one of the very few Nike bots in the game. And in just 5 months it proved to be the BEST Nike bot out there. Check the reviews for yourself!

Theshitbot’s numerous cops include some of 2019 and 2020s most hyped releases. We’re talking about the Air Jordan 5 x Off-white, the Nike SB Dunk Strange love, Air Jordan 1 85, and the Off-white Dunks to name a few. Cashing in more than a Million USD for our users.

TSB supports all Nike regions including US, UK, SG, AU, JP, and more, and it works flawlessly on each and every one of them.

But the feature you’ll love the most is our Address Jig. Want 10 pairs? You gotta have 10 different accounts, 10 different proxies, oh and 10 profiles, AKA billing, and shipping addresses. So rather than sending a pair to every one of your friends, and collecting them later on, TSB can actually edit or JIG your address to trick Nike into thinking it’s a different address. And it works! How else would our users have so much success?!

Nike Bot it Is!

For as long as the sneaker game was on brands fought to stay ahead. But it seems Nike’s been #1 for so long there’s no going back. So keep up with the game and get a Nike bot, Theshitbot for sure, and cop those sneakers you deserve so much!

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