Valentine’s Day StrangeLove Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low Sneaker!

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Love’s in the air… Yeah, the love of SNEAKERS! No, but for real, Valentine’s Day is about to pull up; and, what better way to show love than sneakers? Valentine’s Day sneakers, of course. So, you got a class-A sneakerhead bae which means she knows what’s good. This is why you gotta go all out. You just can’t go out, buy a sneaker gift under 30$, and call it a day! This could be a defining moment in your relationship. You can’t screw it up. But, don’t worry, Nike SB’s got it all covered. The special edition StrangeLove Skateboard x Nike SB Dunk Low sneaker is here to celebrate the holiday of love! And also, make your life much easier.Nike SB Dunk StrangeLove

The Valentine’s Edition of the Nike SB Dunk!

So, as expected, this Valentine’s day sneaker looks the part. It would truly make Cupid quite proud. But, it’s not just any rose/pink colored sneaker. It’s more than that! It has Pink suede and red velvet Swoosh, laces and lining on the tongue. It has the StrangeLove Skateboard logo on the tongue along with Nike’s Swoosh. They added a graphic printed insole that gives off extreme StrangeLove vibes. And to finish it off, it has a pink translucent outsole that shows clusters of red and blue hearts. It does have an uncanny resemblance to Staple Pigeon’s own version of the Nike Sb Dunk Low in Pigeon Panda, right down to the translucent outsoles. 

Anyways, this sneaker probably drops somewhere near Valentine’s. But there will be two separate releases! There will be a deluxe package that comes with a special box that drops on February 1st on their website in extremely limited amounts. The second drop is on February 7th in select skate shops that carry SB Dunks!

Update {05/02/2020}

A few days ago, StrangeLove Skateboards announced that their on-site release is canceled due to technical issues with their product page. So, what does that mean for us? Well, the sneaker will now drop in authorized Nike SB retailers on February 7th and on Nike SNKRS on February 8th. We still got this!
StrangeLover SkateBoards x Nike

Pro Tip!

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