The 5 Best Sneakerhead Christmas Gift Ideas Under 30$

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So, here’s the thing. You got a sweet deal on Black Friday, got a pretty good cop, and spent almost every single penny you got. Like you so broke, it ain’t even funny… And ho ho ho what do you know? Christmas is right around the corner! Great. Now what? You got so many gifts to buy! But nothing compares to that one gift for that one sneakerhead in your fam. What can you get a sneaker lover other than sneakers?!
Worry not my dear friend, we got you! We have the 5 BEST sneakerhead Christmas gift ideas UNDER 30$. Yes, it’s possible.

Best Sneakerhead Christmas Gift Ideas Under 30$ - TSB

Best Gifts for Sneakerheads: Cheap But Awesome Gift #1

Clear Sole Protector for Sneakers

It doesn’t get any better than this! It’s the Winter season. So, that means cold, rain and possibly even snow! That also means wet sneakers. Nobody likes wet sneakers. And, really how can a sneakerhead flex those new Yeezys if they can’t even wear them because of the rain? This is where you come in with your completely useful and cool gift! They’ll never have to hold back on wearing their favorite sneakers because of the weather! You can get it on Amazon for $1899.

Best Sneaker Gift Ideas - Sole Protector

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Sneakerhead Christmas Gift Ideas #2

Maybe you aren’t sold on the Sneaker sole protector, but here’s something every sneakerhead really needs in their life! A sneaker CLEANING KIT! Every sneakerhead likes to keep their kicks squeaky clean and brand new. But, you can’t just toss a Jordan in the washing machine, can you? So, let’s just be civil and clean the sneakers ourselves! This kit has it all AND it costs less than 17$. Sweet!

Sneakerhead Gift Ideas - Sneaker Cleaner

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A Gift Under 30$ You Say? Dope! Gift #3

Well, we’re all sick of the overwhelming number of sneaker boxes every sneakerhead stashes in their room! That’s why he’s gonna love this one for sure. Not only does this gift allow for better sneaker organizing, it’s also the perfect way for a subtle flex. The clear sneaker organizer is the perfect sneakerhead Christmas gift ever! And, you can get it off Amazon. So, you don’t even have to go anywhere to buy it.

Christmas Gift Ideas Under 30$ - Storage Boxes

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Sneakers Are A Work of Art! Sneakerhead Christmas Gift #4

Sneakers are really a work of art, and sneakerheads are people who appreciate art! And so, why not allow them to be artists too! Instead of buying a whole new expensive sneaker for them, you could just get them an Angelus Direct leather painting kit! They can transform their old kicks into brand new ones their way. It’s the best Christmas gift for the sneakerhead that likes to be different!

best Sneakerhead Gift Idea - Leather Paint

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Best Gifts for Sneakerheads: The Best of the Best! Gift #5

Sneakerhead on the go? Always traveling to sneaker cons and drop locations? No problem! The issue of safely packing their precious beloved sneakers is gone now with the help of the sneaker travel case! This way, they can lay their sneaker-head to rest on the plane knowing that their sneakers are safe and sound! AND, it looks hella fancy.

Sneakerhead Gifts - Travel Case

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So, who said a good gift has to be expensive as hell? These affordable gifts are pretty awesome in our opinion! They’re useful and thoughtful! What more could they ask for?
There’s so much time to buy sneakers in 2020 with all the new upcoming sneaker releases, so it’s refreshing to get a different unique gift every now and then! And, if you save up, you could even get them their very own sneaker bot!! Maybe then they’d start their own sneaker reselling business and get you a little something-something. If you catch our drift.

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