New Jordans That’ll Get You Flying Like Jumpman

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It’s never just one release or one brand of sneakers that we’re excited about. It’s actually the whole process of buying sneakers online and the high we feel owning the biggest collection we could possibly own. But new Jordans, that is something that gets our adrenaline levels spiking so high only an “Order Canceled” e-mail can bring down.

2020 is no different as a sneaker year. So far we’ve seen so many Jumpman releases to know that there’s more to come. But we really can’t go over all of them, so we picked new Jordans that are so good we couldn’t get our shit together.

New Jordans 2020

The unique Air Jordan is a much-loved silhouette across the industry. It’s one of the sneakers that were reimagined so many times we can’t tell which one looks better! We all remember Travis Scott’s take on the 4s. And the pairs by Levi’s and Kaws. Man, that shit was real dope!

Air Jordan 1 High Court PurpleJordan 1 Court Purple

The court Purple is like a serious staple in the world of sneakers and basketball. No sneaker season is ever really complete without this colorway. But for real now, not every purple sneaker is worth mentioning like the AJ1 court purple. So far this year we’ve seen an Air Jordan 1 Mid dipped in purple by Sheila Rashid. And as much as we dig those Mids, they can’t compare to these new Jordans: the AJ 1 High Court Purple.

We’ve seen a court purple AJ 1 before back in 2018. But these new Jordans ain’t the same. The silhouette is obviously the same and so is the shade of purple but 2018’s pair featured black toes, lace guards, and tongues, and this year’s colorway doesn’t. We only get to see black covering the Swoosh, Ankle collar, laces, and Air Jordan logo. When?? Well, the new court purples are dropping on April 4th, 2020 and will retail for $170.

Air Jordan 6 DMPnew-jordans-aj6-dmp

As humans we all experience moments that are life-changing, defining moments we say. But few are as remarkable as Micheal Jordan’s two Three-peats in 1991 & 1996. And moments like these are worth commemorating with New Jordans like the AJ6 DMP!

After much give and take and unconfirmed news, The Air Jordan 6 Defining Moments seems to be dropping on April 11th, 2020 for the retail price of $200.

Air Jordan 5 Fire Redaj1-high-court-purple

It’s really easy to confuse this pair to one of the most hyped and expensive sneakers the game has ever seen; the Air Jordan 5 X Supreme from 2015. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing is it? You probably weren’t around when they launched, and paying $700+ isn’t always an option. So why not settle for the $200 version that’s dropping on April 25th? The Air Jordan 5 Fire red might not boast Supreme’s expensive bold logo, but it sure as heck looks so similar! For a complete look back at the Fire red history, check this.

New Jordans to Die for by Union LAunion-air-jordan-4-sketch

Now let’s talk about 2020. Earlier this year, the word was out that Union was working on some New Jordans. Following that epic, Jordan 1 Collaboration fans were going nuts over a new drop, and it seems the new Jordans we’re getting will be 4s! We’re still waiting for more words on these new Jordans crossing fingers that they turn out real. So far we still don’t have a real sneaker to look forward to, but we have a sketch shared by Union showing all the features and tech utilized in this pair. No colorway though. Way to keep it sexy!

aj4-ovo-splatterAir Jordan 4 OVO Splatter

More news that got the fam buzzing with anticipation is a new Jordan X Drake Collaboration. Drake and his Canadian-based label OVO have been longtime partners of Jordan Brand. With the best being the White & Gold AJ12 from 2016. This year, however, the new Jordans by Drake are supposedly the 4s. So far we’ve seen so many images giving off the feeling that these are as real as they can be. Also, the release is supposedly happening in the first half of 2020. 3 months to go, Drake!

Air Jordan 5 Off-white Creamnew-jordans-4s-x-off-white-creams

Following the drop of the Air Jordan 5 X Off-white, Which TSB Naile BTW, images of a new summer-perfect pair arrived. These new Jordans, supposedly women exclusive, will be Dressed in a Sail, Muslin, White, and Black color combination. Cool sh*t, Yeah!? Well, as excited as we are to get a new Off-white Jordan, we still can’t see an end to this wait. So, we just gotta keep our cools, and save $200, until summer.

We’ve also heard some rumors about a new “Plot Twist” AJ5 designed by Virgil Abloh. But it’s still too soon to decide whether or not this is real news. Click here for more info.

new-jordans-aj3-travis-scott-2020Travis Scott’s New Jordans

Stories and rumors about New Jordans by Travis Scott got us screaming like crazy on a roller coaster. The big bright example would be the Mustard Air Jordan 6. Seeing how incredibly pricey the Olive AJ6s were on reselling platforms, the industry was praying to get another drop like that. And the Sneaker gods answered. For a while. And soon after having that first look, we get slapped by the news that the Mustards aren’t releasing to the public. 

Now, we’re praying that the Air Jordan 3 that’s “In the works” gets out of the works and straight to our hands. 


Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID-19, sneaker brands and retailers have been pushing back and canceling a large number of sneaker releases. That’s why despite some of them having “official release dates” there’s nothing certain now. So you can expect changes in new Jordans release dates in 2020.

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