Nike New Kids Shoe Sizes 2024: Is There Any Price Jumps Ahead?

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Nike’s got that young swag game locked down, and they’re all in on starting the obsession early. Their latest star, the Nike Swoosh 1, puts kids first, delivering an unmatched sneaker experience. But the real excitement kicks in when a fresh pair of Jordans or Dunks drops in full family sizing! It’s the ultimate treat for both you and your little ones. However, 2024 is shaking things up for Nike. After major layoffs, the buzz now surrounds Nike new kids shoe sizes. Parents are left with questions and confusion but fret not. From the size chart to the possibility of price hikes, we’ve got all the info you need and more.

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Nike New Kids Shoe Sizes: What’s Different Now? 

In a recent update shared by @horhead_sales on X, Nike is shifting their kids sizing ranges across three categories: Big Kids, Little Kids, and Toddlers. Essentially, Nike stated that these measures aim to simplify the process for consumers. However, this adjustment has pushed the upper range of smaller sizes into a higher category. Nike kids shoe sizes 2024

Nike Kids Shoe Sizes: Before and After Comparison

  • Old Toddler 2C-10C : New Toddler 2C-7C
  • Old Preschool 10C-3Y : New Preschool 8C-13C
  • Old Grade School 3.5Y-7Y: New Grade School 1Y-7Y

The document reveals that Nike has officially renamed the categories for kids’ shoe sizes, with Grade School, Pre-School, and Toddler. Replacing Big Kids, Little Kids, and Toddlers, respectively. Sizes 1Y-3Y, previously part of the Little Kids category, are now grouped under Grade School, while sizes 8C-10C, formerly under Toddler, are now classified as Pre-School.

These changes may affect those who previously wore size 1Y-3Y or 8C-10C, as the price difference between the categories can be significant. For example, the upcoming Jordan 4 Military Blue is priced at $160 for Big Kids, $100 for Little Kids, and $85 for Toddlers. Unfortunately, this may lead to a sudden price increase for future releases. Well, you have to shell out a bit more to satisfy your child’s sneaker needs from now on.

Now That You Know The Changes

Let’s face it, Nike kicks are a must for everyone, adults and kids alike. Yet, we’re bracing for possible price hikes, but hopefully, they won’t hit too hard, so you can still spoil your little ones! But there’s a surefire way to keep them happy: snagging those hot Nike drops. Nike releases can be tricky, with different types of drops and tough losses on SNKRS. That’s where a killer Nike bot steps in. It’s the ultimate solution for both buyers and resellers to score those big wins. Don’t hesitate to check out the best Nike bots, learn the ropes, and stay tuned to our blog for the latest Nike updates. Catch you later, fam!

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