Nike Dunk High Dark Curry: A Pair for the Hardcore Spice Addicts!

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Sometimes, one plate of your favorite food just isn’t enough, and that also applies to sneakers! When the Nike Dunk Medium Curry dropped, it got our mouths watering for the next cop. But now, we got an even spicier dish: the new Nike Dunk High Dark Curry! So if different shades of brown pass your vibe check, better read on for the release deets fam.

Nike Dunk High Dark Curry: A Delicious Dish

Ever looked at a pair and thought “damn that looks so fine”? Well, that’s one of these pairs. Nike went hard with the color blocking on the Dunk High Dark Curry! And FYI, the colorway is pretty vintage, and the swoosh is kinda digging through the archives for these. What’s even better is that this is a premium release, AKA lifestyle-only, so you better not go balling in that. The base features an interesting smooth super dark suede that almost looks black. Then, you got some old-fashioned light brown hairy suede. 

nike-dunk-high-dark-curry  nike-dunk-high-dark-russet

Finally, the swoosh comes in an in-between dark curry shade! Quite the mix, isn’t it? Oh and we won’t forget the white midsole and sail outsole, the contrast is incredible on the overall look. This pair kinda gives a vibe similar to the Turdunken release somehow. And you know what tastes awesome with Nike Dunk High Dark Curry? Probably a Turdunken.

Release Deets for the Dark Curries

If you copped the first Curry Dunk, you gotta get the second one and call it a Curry Collection. The new Nike Dunk High Dark Curry drops on March 5, 2021, for $120. So if you’re looking to flex the drip, it’s a pretty reasonable price. But if you’re gonna wait it out, you’re gonna dish out up to $400 in resale – pun intended.

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