Jordan PSG Reimagines Team Colors in Classy Bordeaux

 In Jordan

Air Jordan 4 is next down the success line after the Jordan 1 silhouette this year. We’re in constant psyche mode about upcoming drops. And hype collaborations like the recent Off White and UNION LA. We’ve also been flashed by the Jordan 4 Metallic Pack earlier this year in May. And only three days ago, the Jordan 4 SP Pine Green gave us a whiff of the classic Jordan 1 colorwaySeptember’s starting off big this year with a Jordan PSG collaboration. Which was Jordan’s first football club partnership back in 2018! But the colorway suggests a revamp of the Paris team’s blue and varsity red logo. Instead, we’ll be landing right at the heart of Bordeaux with the Jordan 4 PSG.

Jordan PSG Changes the Paris Sneaker Scene!

This isn’t the first Jordan PSG collaboration we’re excited about. Nor is it the first Paris-inspired Jordan. The Jordan 5 F&F dropped in September 2018. And that chunk of baguette is reselling for $2K on average on GOAT! A black version dropped alongside it with the rest of the Jordan PSG collection. But take the exclusivity of an F&F out of a pair, and you’ll have it reselling for $285 only! Same goes for the also “Paname” labeled Jordan 6 of 2019. Reselling at 5.3% price premium only.

But the Jordan 4 sneakers dropping soon will be ditching the red accents and the blues. To instead dip into some good old fashioned fancy French red wine.

Jordan 4 PSG

Also featuring the collaborative “Paname” label, the Jordan 4 PSG adopts 4 colors: black, grey, white, and Bordeaux. White leather sets the base as per usual and a neutral grey lines the toe box. Black and Bordeaux go hand in hand on the midsole area and eye stays. But the absolute best part is the heel! A circular Jordan Paris Saint-Germain badge sits on a bordeaux rubber heel. Giving away the identity of the sneaks straight up from the back.

Ready for Paris? 

The Jordan 4 PSG drops on September 1 at a retail price of $225. TSB is currently the best Nike bot in the market, dominating Nike and Jordan releases. So, keep locked to @The_Shit_Bot for generous giveaways. You never know when you might have the chance to own an official TSB copy. It’s worth a try if you call yourself a serious copper.

[10/8/20 UPDATED]: The Jordan 4 PSG will drop on the 10th of October for the same retail price of $225.

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