Air Jordan 4 Pine Green Is Forest Fresh SP Material

 In Jordan

The Jordan 4 silhouette has been keeping busy. The anticipated UNION Jordan 4 collaboration will drop two polar opposite pairs on August 15. And the Off White Jordan 4 made some waves crash in a Sail colorway. The Jordan 4 Metallic Pack dropped it slick earlier this year too. Four fours with white color bases and the designated colors on the eyelets and Jumpman logos. Deja vu acting up, isn’t it? We’ve seen this Pine Green colorway on the Jordan 1 High Retro Pine Green. As well as the Jordan 4 Metallic Green. Two juicy Jordan hits.

Court Purple Be Courtin’ Pine Green!

And it looks like the Court Purple and Pine Green colorways are soulmates after all. Because the Jordan 1 Court Purple dropped this year also. A Jordan 4 Metallic Purple dropped as well after it. But the only difference we’re dying to see is the Pine Green take on the Jordan 3 silhouette. Since the Jordan 3 Court Purple already beat it to it. It’s dropping on 11/14 so there’s plenty of time to get clingy!

Jordan 4 SP Pine Green

The Jordan 4 Pine Green delivers Pine Green overlays with hints of grey for a neutral touch. And an ice breaker between the icy white and warm green. A deeper, autumn-friendly version of the Jordan 4 Metallic Green. Expect this Jordan 4 to drop on August 5 for a retail price of $225. If you think it’s an above-average price for a Jordan 4, you’ll be happy to know that it’s an SP edition. Meaning, it represents “the highest level of Nike quality.” The knowledge of wearing a top Nike sneaker is sure to brew you some extra bucks on resale.

Made 4 Nike

If you’re looking for the latest Jordan 4 bot success, the super limited Off White Jordan 4 was dominated by TSB as the only Nike bot. And that’s over $1,000 on resale per pair! If you missed our first and recent restock, hawk us on Twitter for unexpected giveaways. A copy of the best Nike bot in the market is worth your high attention span, bud.




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