Jordan 9 Olive Concord Sets Off 30th Anniversary Celebration!

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*Sighs* The love we have for color mixes and remixes is endless. Especially if that mix includes anything Jordan! You’d think that the brand would run outta creativity sometime along the way. But Jordan Brand proves such ideas wrong every time a new pair hits the market. More on that creativity? You can check the 2023 Jordan lineup to get the point. And among that lineup, you’ll find the upcoming masterpiece: Air Jordan 9 Olive Concord featuring a kinda-new colorway! 

On another note, although 2022 is coming to an end, there are still dope Jordans, or Jordan, that is yet to drop by the end of December. Now if you ain’t in the mood for some sleek-looking kicks, you could always go for a trashy look with the upcoming ISPA Mindbody! And if you wanna stay up to the minute with everything going on in the sneaker industry, make sure to check out our blog


Jordan 9 Olive Concord: OG With An Added Twist! 

The upcoming Air Jordan  9 Olive Concord will drop looking like a twist of the AJ9 Olive. But count on Jordan Brand to make that twist look like a whole new color iteration of the 9s. Mundane ain’t in the brand’s dictionary one bit. 

As the first Jordan 9 to celebrate the signature silhouette’s 30th anniversary, the Olive Concord 9s design is a nod to the originals that dropped back in 1993. These kicks feature a black leather base. And just like the classics, titular green covers the suede mudguards. What distinguishes the 2023 pair from the OG is the concord and aqua-colored brandings that replace the original red along the shoes. 


Release Deets 

Jordan 7 Olive Concord is gonna drop on January 7th, 2023. It will also retail for $200, which may seem like a lot at first, but once you get a look at the resale price y’all are gonna change your minds. These kicks are currently reselling from a minimum of $774 to a maximum of $1,147 on GOAT. Sizes 11.5 and above are reselling for the latter price, while sizes 11 and under are worth $774. If that doesn’t seal the deal, we don’t know what will! Thing is, whether you want that shit for the flex or not, you definitely need to catch it for retail, not resale. How do you do that? Well, you’re exactly where you need to be as we’ll let you on all the copping mysteries. 

How To Get Jordan 9 Olive Concord? 

You see that “mysteries” mentioned above? Yeah, that was us being dramatic and shit. Because when it comes to sneaker botting, there ain’t no mysteries in the game. You just gotta know your tools, release dates, and most importantly, have a great sneaker bot. Or in Jordans’ case, a Nike bot. So, if you wanna get lucky on Nike SNKRS drops, you need to gear up with good proxies and Nike accounts, all while jigging some addresses. This way you can call yourself ready to rock the botting world! And if you want some help from a know-it-all community, that also helps you stay tuned with all release news, a cook group is what you need! 

Finally, rainy season is every sneakerhead’s worst nightmare. Or more like wearing Jordans on a rainy day is what the nightmare is all about. So, you definitely wanna ruin your kicks while trying to either clean or dry them. That’s why you gotta know the right way to take care of them! 

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