Jordan 6 UNC: A Colorway to Boost Them University Feels!

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Today’s kicks are something else! If Jordan Brand is good at anything, it’s making us feel the right amount of nostalgia. And y’all know how much nostalgia’s important to the Jordan legacy. So, 2022’s hitting us right in the heart with a pair that looks lit and feels so warm! If the Jordan 9 Chile Red is the future, well Jordan 6 UNC is a window to the past. Now let’s check out that shit and why it’s gonna add to your fit’s drip!


There’s Somethin’ About Jordan 6 UNC…

Let’s talk about the colorway for a bit. University Blue is almost as iconic as the signature Jordan red! Why? Because MJ hooped for the UNC basketball team and wore the color for a while! So before his Chicago Bulls legacy began, UNC was the shit. And if you’re a true sneakerhead, you’ll know what we’re on about! Obviously, Jordan Brand played the history card and painted so many silhouettes with University Blue!

So we’ve got so many Jordans inspired by UNC colors, but some are hotter than others! First, we got the epic Off White Jordan 1 University Blue that’s worth $2,212 on the resale market. Next up we got Jordan 6 UNC that looks like the OG Infrared but with the signature Uni Blue midsole. The last two on the list are 2021’s Jordan 1 University Blue and Jordan 1 UNC to Chi Patent. That patent pair is super cool and kinda tells the whole story. Anyway, if you’re unlucky enough to miss all of these, Jordan 6 UNC is here for the rescue!

Features of The Air Jordan 6 UNC

Jordan 6 UNC comes in a pretty modern color-blocking. The front features suede in university blue while the back rocks white leather! So all in all, the kicks look dope as heck and you’ll wanna cop them for multiple reasons. We got the looks down, and now we’ve got the interesting resale to talk about. If you manage to cop multiple pairs, you’ll be making a nice $200+ in profit. The kicks are worth $471 on average in resale, so we see where we’re going with that!


Release Date: March 5, 2022
Retail Price: $210

Wanna Snag a Pair?

Well, there ain’t no easy way to say that shit. But if you need to hit multiples on the Jordan 6 UNC drop, you’ll need help. SNKRS drops are a pain in the a$$ and we’ve all taken Ls at some point in our sneakerhead life. Shit hurts fam, but there’s a way around that. What you’ll need is a sick Nike bot that’ll get your game going and ace the drops.

Buuuut, there’s always a but. A Nike bot alone can’t do all the work. And as Ye said, what’s a shoe without shoelaces? You’ll need support like sneaker proxies, Nike accounts, and some address jigging! But if you wanna play the copping game right, you need to start right. The best place to do that is a cook group. You’ll find news, early links, discount codes, and maybe even some sneaker plugs! Finally, you gotta stay in the loop, but that’s what the shittiest blog of them all is here for. See ya when we see ya!

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