Barbie Dunks: From Flicks’ Dreamhouse to Kicks’ Dunkhouse

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barbie-dunksAnd I’m bad like the Barbie…I’m a doll but I still wanna party! Okay then, party hats on! And let’s make a toast to new hot Kicks. After captivating audiences and dominating the theaters with a box office sensation movie, Barbie takes an exhilarating leap into the sneaker world. The icon of elegance graces the scene with her most highly anticipated release of Nike Barbie dunks. 

Well, the timing couldn’t be more right, following the massive success of the Barbie movie. Not to mention how quickly this flick dominated both theaters and audiences, surpassing all expectations! Similarly, you can hop on the Barbie train with these Air Max Scorpions. In addition to the Barbie dunks, this pair of Air Max will perfectly suit the pink vibes.

And now to our Barbie dunks. So, why is this collab worth the wait? And how can you get your hands on a pair? We’ll tell you all that and more today. But if Pink ain’t your color, August’s Yeezy releases will totally serve well enough! 

Barbie Dunks: Get Your Sparkle On!

Before diving into the design deets of the Barbie dunks, let’s briefly discuss the ongoing Barbie hype. Everywhere you look you see pink!. This is a result of the extensive marketing movie campaign and the Barbenheimer phenomenon. The premieres of both movies took place on July 21, 2023, and theaters experienced an unusual surge in activity. Remarkably, the Barbie movie generated a staggering $356 million during its opening weekend globally. Recognizing the widespread excitement, numerous brands, Nike included, leveraged the hype to promote their own products and capitalize on the movie’s popularity.

Back to the star of the show, with its vibrant pink hues and sparkly accents, barbie dunks are like a disco ball dipped in bubblegum. Designed for those who are into all shades of pink, these Barbie dunks are like wearing a sprinkle-covered cupcake on your feet!! Topping a pink and cream-yellow base, Nike adds a gigantic “N” lace accessory that comes fully encrusted in faux diamonds. The swoosh appears in a darker brown shade with a shiny finish, as does the heel tab. Finally, a unique cursive-style font appears on the tongue. But don’t be fooled by its sugary sweet appearance, these kicks are not just all about looks! The cushioned sole provides the comfort you need to strut your stuff all day long. As will all Nike Dunks!

Altogether, we’ve been waiting for this Dunk drop like we’re waitin’ for Christmas morning. However, you don’t have to wait so long to flex’em! Expect the Barbie dunks to land on shelves in the coming weeks via Nike and select retailers! brabie-dunk-low

Don’t Miss This Drop!

barbie-nike-dunkIn fact, Barbie dunks will cause unexpected traffic as sneakerheads flock to SNKRS app on the release day! These babies will retail for $125 and you can flip them for $70+ in profit! With sizes reaching up to $700 on GOAT. So, cop in bulk and multiply your payoff! 

But you should save yourself the time, money, and huge let-down by just buying a helpful Nike sneaker bot! It’ll make this end of the year (and your life) much easier! TSB is the best Nike bot you could ever use to cop a deal as sour-sweet as this. Just remember that a sneaker bot can’t do shit alone unless you pair it up with some good proxies and Nike accounts. And if you wanna keep up with the industry, you’re gonna need a cook group. And definitely the shittiest blog around! Good luck fam!

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