Are Yeezys Dead? Tackling 2024’s Most Viral Question!

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Ah, the 2020s, the era of Yeezys! Adidas was dropping Yeezys left and right, with countless colorways that had sneakerheads in awe! We had our sneaker bots primed for battle on drop days, ready to cash in on the resale market. If you were prepared, you probably made bank flipping those Yeezys for insane profits. But if not, you had to shell out big bucks on the aftermarket. Then came the 2022 drama, flipping the script on the whole sneaker game. Sneaker trends cycle like clockwork, with one year you’re on top, and the next, forgotten. But what about Yeezys? Are Yeezys dead now for real? 

As hype-driven folks, we need to know what’s really going on and ride the waves! From a bit of backstory to the nitty-gritty details on resale values, let’s get started!is-yeezy-hype-dead

Are Yeezys Dead – Tracing The Turning Point

Alright, to really get what’s up, let’s rewind the tape. Kanye and Adidas breaking up? No shocker there, it was a toxic mess waiting to explode! But who was the real problem? Still a toss-up. Then Adidas hits us with a more than a billion-dollar stash of frozen Yeezys, leaving us scratching our heads. And man, did they take their sweet time deciding what to do with them. Lost interest real quick, sneakerheads, don’t waste your time on that.

So, Yeezy folks started looking elsewhere, and Nike’s Jordans and Dunks were the golden ticket. Nike swooped in, snagging market share like a boss. Even other brands like New Balance took advantage of the Yeezy collapse, stepped up, and got us hooked!

But hey, some die-hard Yeezy fans couldn’t let go. In fact, they settled for Yeezy knockoffs to keep their fix going while Adidas left us hanging with their frozen leftovers.

And like everything rare in this game, the Yeezy resale market exploded. People started burning and selling their Yeezys. This continued until finally, in November, Adidas announced that Yeezy restock waves would take place in 2023. So, what happened next exactly?

Is Yeezy Hype Dead?yeezy third sale

Alright, let’s talk about 2023. Three Yeezy restock waves hit, but the buzz wasn’t what we expected! Seems like they didn’t quite reclaim their hype, despite the anticipation. There could be a few reasons why Yeezys lost their mojo if that’s indeed the case:

Market Saturation

Listen up, if you’ve been in the game for a sec, you know limited releases and exclusivity drive hype. But Adidas recent restocks cranked up production to meet demand, flooding the market and killing that exclusivity vibe.

Design Fatigue

Chillin’ on sneaker forums lately? You might’ve noticed some sneakerheads feeling Kanye’s designs aren’t hitting like they used to. And these restocks? Kinda underwhelming. Some kicks were just sittin’ there in full-size lineups, killing the vibe for those who copped earlier the same old colorways. In fact, many of these restocked colorways weren’t the ones we were really waiting for. Basically, they were all easily copped before, not those limited, hard-to-get ones.


The sneaker world’s cutthroat, man. New collabs and releases drop left and right, stealing the spotlight from Yeezys. While the sneaker giants keep churning out fresh kicks, Yeezy creativity’s been on snooze since 2022.

Price Point

Yeezys ain’t cheap, and that could be turning some folks off. If people are penny-pinching or feeling like Yeezys ain’t worth the dough anymore, that’s gonna hurt their business.


Kanye’s always stirring the pot, and that might be rubbing some folks the wrong way. Public perception of Kanye could be souring the Yeezy vibe for some.yeezy 2024

So, 2024 kicks off, and Adidas drops the bomb: more restock waves this year. Then, outta nowhere, Adidas flooded the Adidas Confirmed app with Yeezys at the end of May. People are like, “Is this the last hurrah?” Still waiting on the verdict, but if you wanna see what’s on the shelves, you can click right here.

Now, after all that, let’s shine a light on what every Yeezy reseller’s wondering: Are Yeezys worth reselling in 2024? Let’s find out!

Are Yeezys Dead – Let’s Talk Numbers

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the aftermarket lately, it’s clear as day: Yeezy resale prices took a nosedive. Cash seekers are feeling like Yeezys ain’t cutting it anymore! Usually, when supply’s low, prices skyrocket. But oddly enough, that ain’t the case with Yeezys. No x3 or 4x retail jumps here…In fact, Adidas Yeezys showed up at an outlet in Dubai for 50% off recently! Not only that, but they’re going for half-price on the official Adidas website too! Crazy, right? No wonder folks are out here asking if Yeezys are losing their value.

Let’s break it down with some simple comparisons of Yeezy’s most popular silhouettes to paint a clearer picture for you. And note that, all data’s from StockX might vary a bit over time, but you’ll get the gist either way!

Yeezy Model      Release Date Retail Price 2021  Resale Value 2024 Resale Value % Change In Resale Value
Adidas Yeezy Slide ‘Ochre’  2021 $60   $285 $127      -55.44%
Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Wave Runner’    2017 $300 $607 $400 -34.10%
Yeezy 500 ‘Bone White’          2019   $200 $450 $308 -31.56%
Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Pirate Black’  2015 $200 $950  $277 -70.74%
Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Hyperspace’  2019    $220 $450  $240  -46.67%

Are Yeezys Dead? The Last Call

Now, Are We Sure That Yeezys Are Dead? Well, no matter what you believe, there’s one undeniable truth about Yeezys: they’ve been iconic since day one. And even if they vanish completely, we’ll never forget those golden days! But hey, in the sneaker world, surprises and shocks are the name of the game. Have you caught wind of the latest Ye x Travis Scott collab teaser? Man, we’re all dying for that to be real!

So, who knows where our man Kanye might land his sneaker certainty next? What brands or wild designs he may come up with in the future? That’s what we gotta keep an eye on. All what we have to do now is to stick with those hyped brands and ride the winning wave, fam! And don’t forget to stay updated with our go-to blog for everything going down in the sneaker scene. Catch ya later, homies!

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