Where To Sell Yeezys? Leavin’ Toxic Partners & kicks Behind!

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where-to-sell-yeezysWhere to buy Yeezys? Or should we say Adidas? Adidas Yeezys is only fair, right? But who said anything ‘bout a fair play? Well, not Adidas for sure. And where to BUY is no longer. It’s where to SELL Yeezys from now on, fam! Tragic… Not tryna rub it in anyone’s face, but to say we’re glad there still is a healthy relationship in the sneaker industry is an understatement. Jordan Brand and Nike are two peas in a pod and are still goin’ stronger than ever.

Now back to our topic. Adidas announced that it intends to sell Yeezy designs under its own brand name after ending its partnership with Ye. Take the design and leave the man behind. Quite the strategy. Anyway, although Yeezy’s resale value is pretty shaky now, there will come a time when that shit skyrockets. Just like it happened with Nike Yeezy.

So, if you were one of the lucky ones and got your hands on some pairs before hell broke loose, then you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. But before we get into that, if you want to keep up with dope Nike releases, all you have to do is check our blog!

Where To Sell Yeezys? Ready To Say Goodbye?

As Yeezys are near a wipeout now, it’s only natural for their resale value to rise sooner or later. Therefore, if you lookin’ to earn some extra cash, there’s no place to do so than at the aftermarket. That business is growing as quick as a flash. So, to all Yeezy owners, make sure you know exactly how and where to sell Yeezys. That could be a lil tricky and we need no regrets peeps! We would’ve told you all about the hows regarding buying Yeezys, but that’s in the past now. Sneaker bots and proxies won’t help this situation anymore. So, let’s limit our topic to the places you can give up your Yeezys and get a lil extra cash in return. 



StockX ain’t just a good choice for buyers, but it’s also an awesome place for reselling your Yeezy kicks. Or anything Yeezy at that. This platform makes selling and reselling as easy as they could get. Sellers can keep track of all price changes and the number of items sold. So, if you wanna sell ‘em Yeezys, all you have to do is set your price and wait for a buyer to match the bid. Once it’s done, your Yeezys automatically sell out.

What’s even more important is that StockX is a safe platform that leaves no room for scams. You can also keep track of competitors’ prices and all orders anytime they want. And regarding the fees, you gotta build a good reputation and make a name for yourself so you get special treatment. And that special treatment is mainly lower charge fees. The more you sell, the fewer fees you pay. 



Another sneaker platform you can sell your old or brand new Yeezys on is GOAT. And rest assured that spankin’-new Yeezys are gonna witness the great era Nike Air Yeezys did. Guess rarity and high value will always be a thing. Moreover, product authentication is also sacred on this platform. Specialists will authenticate your Yeeyzys before going up for sale. This platform allows you as a seller to put your asking price or you can hang on and wait for the highest bidder to call it a good ol’ sale. GOAT is so advanced that it now has its own application for an easier buy and sell experience.

Now, this online platform doesn’t treat all families the same way. It’s got favorites. More like favorite regions where the fees are lower for sellers there. The platform charges sellers in the U.S., Australia, Belgium, and the U.K less than others. 



KLEKT is another good marketplace when it comes to where to sell Yeezys. Authenticity’s a no-brainer here. What’s unique about this platform is that the seller ain’t responsible for the fees. They’re carried to the buyer instead. So, to avoid extra charges, KLEKT’s your best option. It also protects buyers by offering them PayPal Buyer Insurance. And if you live in either EU or UK then you’re a lucky one since you got no import fees and taxes. 

A Wrap-Up

You wanna leave ‘em old Yeezys along with their drama behind, all you have to do is look for the perfect place to do so. And let’s say there are always some perks to leaving toxicity behind. In Yeezys’ case, you actually gain some good cash by doing so. And what was just mentioned ain’t even a drop in the selling platform’s ocean. They’re everywhere and the list could go on for days. Grailed, Stadium Goods, KIXIFY, and FLIGHT CLUB are all legit platforms where you can sell Yeezys at. Not to mention that you can flip Yeezys on social media or just sell’em to your neighbor next door.

The question remains unanswered though… What do you do now with all those monthly or yearly sneaker bots, proxies, and cook group subscriptions? Well, you buy Nike… obviously! It ain’t rankin’ first in the sneaker industry for nothing. 

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