Adidas Recall Yeezy 2024 Drops: An Announcement We’ve Died For!

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The 2023 Sneaker news brought a unique twist, with Yeezy restocking waves stealing the spotlight. June and August witnessed the excitement of the first and second Yeezy sales. However, the Holiday 2023 heartbreak hit hard when the highly anticipated third wave got canceled. Just two days ago, Adidas CEO Bjorn Gulden dropped a BIG bombshell. Yeezy leftovers are set to be sold in 2024! So, let’s break down everything about the Yeezy 2024 releases, including the real numbers.Yeezy 2024 releases

Adidas 2024 Financial Mess & Yeezys

Basically, we have to take this back to the Adidas Kanye crisis in October 2022. This aftermath caused a sharp decline in the German Brand revenue. However, the 2023 financial report unveiled a surprising Q4 upturn, surpassing expectations. Adidas strategically retained €268 million of YEEZY inventory, a decision credited to CEO Bjørn Gulden’s foresight. Especially considering his defense in September 2023 against Ye antisemitism claims. This defense infused hope after the shock of the Holiday 2023 writing off.

Looking forward, Adidas anticipates mid-single-digit sales growth in 2024, with YEEZY contributing €250 million. Despite challenges and competitor warnings, a projected €500 million operating profit reflects Adidas’ resilience. Basically, the Yeezy 2024 plans play a crucial role in navigating the tough year ahead. 

Now, let’s find out what Yeezy 2024 drops should we prepare ourselves for.

Yeezy 2024 Drops: What Should We Expect?

Well, aside from the arguably trendy 2024 Yeezy Pod socks invading the market lately, this time we have to get ready for the real deal.  As for what Adidas/YEEZY has in store for 2024, it seems @gunnertierno has the scoop. In a recent post, there’s a glimpse of Slides, Foam Runners, 350 V2s, 500s, and even boots.2024 Yeezys

Other whispers showed the Yeezy 500 High Tactical Boot. And it took the spotlight! Sporting a tan/sand color scheme this time. Yeezy 500 High Tactical Boot

Make sure to keep an eye on our go-to blog for more updates and exact release dates.

UPDATE[2/20]: YEEZY GOD recently revealed the March drops list on Twitter.Ye March releases

Yeezy 2024 Releases Sparks Hope Among Resellers

Since dominating the industry from 2020 until now, Yeezy proudly stands out as a smart choice for sneaker resellers. With the highly coveted  2024 Yeezys on the way, expect sneakerheads to go crazy to snatch a pair. Indeed, the drop days will be a true battle. All that you should do is check out this ultimate guide on sneaker copping and you’re safe!

However, if Adidas Yeezy releases aren’t your focus, fear not! If you’re eagerly looking for new profitable releases in 2024, the HOT 2024 Jordans and Dunks lineup is here to cater to both your style and your pocket.

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