Yellow Jordans Are Really Giving September ‘22 A Nice Color!

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Can you feel it? That end-of-summer, back-to-school smell in the air? Leaves are already turning yellower, and well, it’s fall! But we ain’t gonna get all poetic about that shit because we’re on here for the kicks. And Jordan Brand is totally playin’ it right with Yellow Jordans to reflect the season! So if yellow is your color or you just wanna kick it this season, here are three drops you’ll like. And if neither of those is your thing, Nike Air Flight 87 could be the pair you’ll want!

3 Yellow Jordans Are Always Better Than 1!

So, first things first yo! The three kicks we’re taking a look at are worth copping for multiple reasons. Whether you’re into light or dark shades, you’re gonna enjoy at least one of those babies. Let’s hop right in, shall we?

WMNS Jordan 1 Mid Chutney

Women-exclusive kicks are becoming a thing fam. And this one kinda looks like the men’s Jordan 1 Mid Taxi that just dropped in August 2022! However, the new Jordan 1 Mid Chutney features different shades of yellow. The base will come in a mix of black, chutney, and taxi yellow leather. And the overlays also feature taxi yellow on the heels and chutney yellow on the toebox!


So all in all, the kicks are pretty yellowish and fit for the fall season! If that goes down your alley, you’ll wanna catch the pair on September 7, 2022, for $125. Mids are underrated if you ask us because they’re always bringing some straight heat! So make sure you have this pair on your shopping list!

Jordan 1 Heirloom

Now, these joints are not strictly yellow Jordans, but they’re totally lit and worth talking about! The new Jordan 1 Heirloom features a black denim base with leather tan overlays. That mix kinda gives a golden feel to the kicks, which kinda explains the “Heirloom” name. And if we look back on the Jordan legacy, it just makes sense to have a pair like that!


So the kicks will drop on September 17, 2022, and will retail for $170. You can cop these babies for the flex, and that would be reason enough! But you can also get ‘em to flip ‘em because they’re worth $272 on average in resale. You know what that means? $100 in profit! So if you cop multiples, you can slowly start up your sneaker resale business!

Jordan 1 Yellow Toe

Last but not least on our list is a hot pair to flex this fall and every other time! The kicks are pretty cool and will come in the same color-blocking style as Jordan 1 Red Toe. They’ll feature a yellow and black toe box, white midsection, and yellow heels and collar. The laces, swoosh, wings logo, and tongue will come in black too! So all in all, it’s a sick pair of kicks.


Jordan 1 Yellow Toe (or Taxi) is one of the yellow Jordans you should have in your rotation! These babies will drop on September 24, 2022, for $180. Now, in terms of resale, the pair is worth $226 on average. Now before you get judgy, many pairs’ values went up later on. So maybe starting a sneaker collection doesn’t sound like a bad idea fam!

Wanna Cop Any of The Upcoming Yellow Jordans?

Well, then you’re gonna need a good Nike bot. Jordan 1s are generally a pretty popular silhouette. So why play the normal odds and go for manual copping when you can boost them a bit with a bot? But to get the best shit out of your bot, you should use good proxies and Nike accounts! And if you wanna learn how to cop sneakers the right way, this guide will come in handy. Good luck!

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