There Skateboards SB Dunk Is A Mad Skaters’ Crispy Green Grail!

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In 2024, it’s all about those hyped sneakers. Amid the ongoing copping battles and reselling craze, we’re constantly looking for kicks that really deliver. And one that never disappoints is the Nike SB Dunk. These SB Dunk goldmines have become a timeless favorite among fans, and Nike isn’t slowing down. With hot releases like the Futura Dunks and the upcoming Verdy and Alex Sablone editions, the hype is real! Recently, we’ve got a new player in the mix: the There Skateboards SB Dunk! Skateboarders and sneakerheads alike are buzzing with excitement over this new collab. So, let’s check out all the juicy details!


There Skateboards SB Dunk: Loaded With Cool Details

So, Nike’s not sleeping on the rising stars of skateboarding brands! Last year, April Skateboards and Crenshaw Skate Club heated up the dunk scene. Now, it’s California-based There Skateboards‘ turn to make waves with their first Nike collab ever!

Crafted with care by the queer skate crew led by Jeffrey Cheung, these SB Dunks pack a punch!

The There Skateboards dunks feature a mix of materials like nubuck, suede, and leather. While black takes the lead, splashes of green add some extra flair. And let’s not forget about the hand-doodled graphics on the overlays, giving them that artsy touch.

The THERE logo on the heel tab is hand-drawn, perfectly showing off the sneaker’s artistic vibe. Plus, the green swooshes, silver dubraes, and houndstooth laces add a fresh touch. It’s all in the details, baby! And to keep these killer kicks looking fresh, check out how to clean ’em up easy peasy right here.there-skateboards-nike-dunk

Release Info

The There Skateboards Dunks will drop this Fall for $135. Make sure to keep your eyes on our blog for the latest release updates. These babies will be worth every penny, and simply awesome whether you’re shedding or stashing. But if you’re a reseller, these babies are gold! With a resale value of over $1,000, you’re looking at some serious cash! But how do you snag a pair that everyone’s dying to cop?

How To Score the There Skateboards SB Dunk Like a Pro?

Let’s get real. The There Skateboards Dunk SB is hot, and sneakerheads worldwide know it. These SB Dunks go for way more than retail on the resale market! Whether you’re a fan or deep into sneakers, this is a golden opportunity. But how do you boost your chances?

Here’s the deal: you need a kick-ass Nike SNKRS Bot to do the job. These Nike SB Dunks are dropping on SNKRS, and it’s tough out there. But fear not, TSB2 is here and it has been killing it for ages. With a massive success rate on the most hyped releases, TSB2 is your way to go. Imagine copping these kicks in bulk and starting your hustle. Seems on point, doesn’t it? So, don’t wait. Get TSB now! And if that seems overwhelming, check out this sneaker botting guide for all the info you need. See ya later, fam!

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