The Nike Union Cortez Is Merging Modern and Classic Shit!

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We aren’t strangers to Union and Nike joining hands. And this time, they’re throwing it way way back… to 1972 specifically! The Nike Cortez is one of the Nike classics that sometimes we manage to forget about. Anyway, Union didn’t forget, and they’re dropping not one, but two sick takes on the Cortez! The Nike Union Cortez is sure gonna make a bang among sneakerheads. Here’s everything you should know about this modern version of the classics. And in case you’re looking for something extra to start your reselling business, MCR Jordans are dropping soon!


Nike Union Cortez Is Putting Fun in Functional!

So we know that the Cortez is one of the oldest Nike silhouettes. But fam, it ain’t fun to keep looking back! And the new Nike Union Cortez is making sure a classic experience turns fun by leaving their touch. We also know the Nike Union collab history, which makes us pretty certain that the new collaboration will be dope! We already talked about the Cortez every since the Union AJ2 collab emerged, but nothing was certain yet. What we thought was gonna be one pair ended up becoming a whole lotta pairs! So, let’s officially introduce you to the Nike Union Cortez.

The Two Cortez Pairs We Know About…

So first off, we’ll check out the two pairs we definitely know are dropping. It kinda seems that the two brands are going in a sustainable direction with these. From the Nike Grind soles to the canvas uppers, that shit slaps! The first pair comes in a mix of green, pink, and clay brown. Meanwhile, the second comes in off-noir, green, and blue! Both pairs rock the union logo on the heels to complete the swaggy look.



Release Deets

If you didn’t already know, the kicks drop on June 21, 2022, exclusively on Union’s site. However, that doesn’t mean that all is dramatically lost. You can still get your pairs for $130 on Nike SNKRS. This drop will most likely happen on June 28, 2022, but Nike is still all hush-hush about it all! What you should know though is that the brown pair is worth $270 in resale while the black one goes for $294.

One More Nike Union Cortez Won’t Hurt Though!

One more pair on our list is the blue-pink Nike Union colorway. Now, we still don’t know much about the sneakers. However, rumor has it that they’ll drop on July 1, 2022. But let’s take this one with a grain of salt, shall we? And we’ll totally keep you updated on that shit fam! In the meantime, take a look at them beauties, and hope for a close enough drop date!


How to Catch the Nike Union Cortez

If you’re waiting for the Nike SNKRS drop, then you might as well look for a good Nike bot. That shit ain’t gonna cop itself without some help. So make sure you get a good Nike bot like TSB before drop day. For $300, you’ll have access to TSB which supports 40+ regions. So wherever you are in the world, we gotcha. And for that retail price, you can save some cash to buy good proxies and Nike accounts! Good luck peeps!

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