Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2 Celebrates Culture Right!

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Jordan Brand and Nike’s motto has been “if it works, we’ll do more of it” for a while now. And we ain’t sad about that fam. Recurring collaborators usually give us really good shit every time. The latest collaborators we got were Kasina’s and Travis Scott’s. People totally went for the kicks because they’re hot as heck. But the collaboration we’re checking out today screams fancy and streetwear at the same time! The Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2 is not the first product we get from these two. So let’s check out everything we know about the new kicks and the previous collab that’s leaving us this excited!


A Lil Brand Intro Never Hurt Anyone!

First off, the name means “Red Castle House”, which is inspired by the district where the store is located. According to their site, MCR is a place where different cultures come together. It’s a lifestyle brand that mixes African Heritage with the Parisian lifestyle! The design process happens at the store, while production is split between Paris, Abidjan, Bamako, and Dakar. It’s also an independent project by the brothers Youssouf and Mamadou Fofana. So all in all, the brand screams culture and shit! And before we hop on to the Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2, let’s check out their fearless first collab.

Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 1 Mid “Fearless”

So back in 2019, Jordan Brand owned the end of the year with their amazing “Fearless” collection. That collection had so many awesome collaborators and epic kicks. We can actually recall so of their most epic collabs because that shit is unforgettable. We got the Clot Jordans, Melody Ehsani’s Mids, and the Maison Chateau Rouge Mids! The MCR AJ1 Mid looked so cute with its mix of patterns and colors. And people obviously thought so too because the kicks are worth $606 on average in resale. That’s almost 5x its original retail at $130! If that ain’t successful, we don’t know what is.


2 Years Later: Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2!

As we already said, successful collabs almost always lead to a redo! And since 2022 is looking like the year of 2s, we’re getting a Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2. And just like its 2019 older sibling, the new kicks feature a mix of patterns and colors! The sail leather upper features cool patterns with hits of orange at the front and back. Co-branding goes on the heels as it usually does with collabs. And you can find “Chicago Dakar Paris” and “United Youth International” on the inside of the tongues. Finally, the look ain’t complete without epic insoles. That’s why we have special Michael Jordan graphics on there!

Release Deets

According to rumors and leaks, the new Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2 will drop on June 24, 2022. It will retail for $200, which is less than your average Air Jordan 2. But if you manage to get these babies, well, you’re in for some good good cash. You can currently flip the joints for $700+ and make a whole lotta profit! Now, wanna know how to score some kicks?


How to Get the Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2?

So, the brands didn’t announce the collab yet, but you know how things happen with cool collabs. That’s why you have to be ready anyway, especially if it’s a Nike SNKRS drop. So make sure you have a Nike bot that can cop Js and more so you can start your resale business. Or maybe just earn them bragging rights. TSB offers the chance to do that for only $300 since it’s in stock and you don’t need to rent or buy it from the secondary market!

That way, you can also save up on some money and buy the best proxies and Nike accounts you can find! But always remember, a Nike bot can’t guarantee you successful shit, but it’ll definitely give you a higher chance at Ws! And if you wanna stay up to date on all the shit going on in the industry, keep an eye on the shittiest blog ever. From the coolest releases to techy shit, we gotchu fam!

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