Nike Dunk Low Paisley: When Did Vintage Shit Look so Dope?

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Good-looking sneakers are a statement piece, and you can’t convince us otherwise. If you feel like being low-key, popping, or just existing, there’s shit for every mood! But sometimes, we wanna feel that retro-ish type of drip. Lucky for you peeps, we got the perfect sneakers for that vibe. So let’s take a leap back into the 60s/70s because the Nike Dunk Low Paisley Collection is all that! But just in case you’re more of a fan of modern with a touch of classic, Jordan 12 Playoffs is for you.


Nike Dunk Low Paisley Collection

When we say paisley, we think more about bandanas. Not so much about sneakers. But Nike is known for unorthodox mashups of retro and modern vibes that we totally dig. The art in what they did is how they did it, and peeps, we ain’t cappin’ when we say it’s a W. The Nike Dunk Low Paisley collection brings 5 different colorways to the table. We got classic black, orange, green, blue, and barley.  Kinda giving off some Supreme x Clarks Wallabees vibes, no?

The uppers all feature a white leather base with the respective color leather overlays. But, the action goes on at the swoosh level! Instead of the classic leather swoosh, we have the paisley print canvas. Pretty smart since the kicks are showstoppers even without the paisley!


Release Deets

So the black and blue colorways have already dropped overseas, but not in the US. So if you’re waiting for this release, rumor has it that the Nike Dunk Low Paisley pack will drop in early 2022. And since we already are in early 2022, maybe we’ll get them in March 2022! The kicks will retail for $110, and they’ll definitely be worth it. Why? Because the black colorway is worth $267 on average in resale! Kinda seems like a win-win situation whether you flexin’ or flippin’.

A Bonus SB Nike Dunk Low Paisley?

If you thought the pack is cool, well then this one is gonna be a bombshell! The SB division is going out of its way to give us the coolest kicks ever. And the new brown paisley print is totally not disappointing. The brown canvas base is pretty interesting, but the blue, green, and pink details are game-changers. A white leather swoosh sits on top of it all making the kicks look like royalty! Rumor has it that the kicks will hit skate shops pretty soon, so we’ll see.


Wanna Snag Your Favorite Dunks? Read On.

So Dunks are going through a rest period, but that doesn’t mean your sneaker rotation has to! Even if hype dropped, demand is still there on Dunks, and manual copping isn’t the best idea. Of course, we have the solution for you: A Nike bot! The type of sneaker bot that’ll nail every SNKRS drop every time. Giving you the most effortless and successful experience possible.

But alone, it ain’t much, so you’re gonna need some Nike accounts, pair them with the right proxies. Make sure you also jig your address for more chances! And if you wanna stay in the loop on every sneaker drop, cook groups are there for ya, besides the extra perks you can get. See ya when we see ya!

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