June Sneaker Releases: TSB’s Top Picks For Shitloads Of Cash!

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Finally, the month we’ve been waiting for: June! The sun’s blazing, the weather’s perfect, and everyone’s out flexing their freshest kicks. It’s prime time for sneaker meetups, BBQs, and showing off those grails. The summer vibes are real, and everyone’s buzzing. As sneakerheads, our mission every month is to hunt those killer deals. Besides the ongoing Yeezy restocks, the June sneaker releases are super hyped! From Jordans to Kobes to KDs and more, the list is too hot to handle.

In fact, amid the crazy world of sneakers, botting, and reselling, the market now is so big and versatile. Instead of going crazy searching through all the drops, we’ve got the best of the best. Indeed, these kicks deliver the style you crave and the resale value that packs a punch. And if none of these catch your eye (which we doubt), check our blog for the latest drops. Let’s get started!June-sneaker-releases-2024

June Sneaker Releases: Hot Drops You CAN’T Miss!

Kobe 4 Girl Dad (June 7)kobe-4-girl-dad

Retail Price: $190
Avg Resale: $380

Kicking off the sizzling June sneaker releases, we’ve got a gem: the Kobe 4 Girl Dad! 2024 is all about the Kobes’ comeback, and the hype is real. So, these kobe 4s are pure fire, simple, elegant, and top-notch. First, they’ll turn heads wherever you go, with a heartfelt message that lasts forever. Second, they’re a solid investment, especially if you plan to flip them on the resale market. So, make sure not to miss out on these babies.

Air Force 1 Linen (June 13)June-sneaker-releases air-force-1-linen

Retail Price: $135
Resale Price: $499

Remember the Kith-exclusive CO.JP Air Force 1 from 2016? Whether you’re a seasoned sneaker reseller or just starting out, Nike’s bringing back the iconic Air Force 1 Linen in 2024! For the first time ever, these AF1s will be available worldwide and there’s no way we can pass on ‘em. After all, who can resist a clean and classy Air Force 1 that’s also a surefire way to make some quick cash?

Nike Air DT Max ’96 Black White (June 14)nike-air-dt-max-96-black-white

Retail Price: $170
Resale Price: $440

Coach Prime’s Air DT Max 96 still slayin’ like they never left! Imagine when an epic collab rises from the ashes stronger than ever after 23 years! So, Deion Sanders, the football legend, reunites with Nike in 2024, and the vibes are insane! In fact, these sneakers aren’t just rare, they’re dripping with style and history. And the best part? Among the long list of June sneaker releases 2024, they’re your real golden ticket to cash in big time!

Nike KD 17 x Bink! (June 17)June sneaker releases 2024 KD 17

Retail Price: $160
Resale Price: $1,000

Kevin Durant may have had a short stint in this year’s NBA Playoffs. However, he turned heads with the launch of his latest signature shoe, the KD 17. Now, it’s set to drop in a new “Producer Pack” honoring some of Durant’s favorite artists. He’s paying homage to Metro Boomin and Bink!, the latter known for his work with Roc-A-Fella Records and Jay-Z on The Blueprint. These Bink KDs are making serious noise in the resell game, and you better keep an eye out for them!

Nike Dunk Philly (June 18)nike-dunk-philly

Retail Price: $135
Resale: $295 

So, last month, baseball fans tuning in for the Philadelphia Phillies vs. Texas Rangers matchup got a huge surprise! In fact, Philly fans were on cloud nine as they witnessed the Philly Phanatic mascot sporting an unreleased Nike Dunk colorway. But wait, it gets better. Nike’s teamed up with Philly’s top sneaker haunts like Lapstone & Hammer and Crème for this epic drop. And you know Nike always nails it with themed Dunk releases! Now, it’s the city of brotherly love’s time to shine again with the new jaw-dropping Nike Dunk Philly. Luckily, making them accessible to everyone after their exclusive debut in Philadelphia. Trust us, this is a big deal you won’t want to miss.

Jordan 3 Nina Chanel Abney (June 20)June Jordan releases 2024

Retail Price: $225
Resale: $919

Now, these ain’t your average 3s! This collab isn’t just about fashion; it’s a tribute to Abney’s Chicago roots and her love for basketball. These Jordans, exclusive to the ladies, showcase Abney’s style and pay homage to her artistic roots. With Nike, Abney dropped two unforgettable Jordan 2 releases in 2022. Now, they’re back with the Nina Chanel Jordan 3, showing their dedication and innovation. And the kicker? These kicks exude sharp artistic vibes as if crafted by Abney herself! Indeed, a jaw-dropping pair that truly stands out among June Jordan releases 2024!

Jacquemus Air Max 1 ’86 (June)


Retail Price: $180
Resale: N/A

Wrapping up this awesome list, we have the French fashion icon Jacquemus joining the Air Max extravaganza. So, Nike and Jacquemus go way back, from a luxurious Air Humara in 2022 to an extraordinary AF1 in 2023. Now, it’s time for the Jacquemus Air Max 1 to shine with high-fashion allure! These kicks come in three breathtaking colorways: Metallic Silver, Dark Red, and White. Furthermore, these Air Max 1s rock cool new features that set them apart! So, ensure not to miss out!

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