Coach Prime’s Air DT Max 96 Still Slayin’ Like They Never Left!

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Guess who’s back, fam! You know when that epic collab goes up in flames? Yeah, every sneakerhead’s worst nightmare. But picture the frenzy when that collab revives after 23 years, stronger than ever! Deion Sanders, the football legend, is reuniting with Nike in 2024. And trust us, the vibes are off the charts! And since it’s Prime Time, you know we’re turning the spotlight on the real star: Air DT Max 96. ‘Look good, feel good,’ right? Well, with Coach Prime’s kicks making a comeback in our favorite colorway, we’re beyond hyped. The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! These Deion Sanders sneakers aren’t just rare, they’re dripping with style, history, & sweet resale cash! So, let’s dive into all the juicy deets on this must-cop

Deion Sanders Nike Partnership Is One For The Books

Deion Sanders, AKA Coach Prime, takin’ charge at Colorado Buffaloes? That’s some headline-worthy stuff right there! And man, he’s been killin’ it lately! One of Sanders’ biggest hits was his collab with Nike back in 1996. Unfortunately, things went south in the 2000s, leaving us fiendin’ for more of that heat. 

Fast forward to 2023, and Coach Prime’s back in the Swoosh game shook the scene like no other. Lucky us, 2024’s the year we finally get our hands on that Diamond Turf line! Prime kicks take you prime places, no doubt. And when the GOAT LeBron James rocks Sanders’ Air DT Max in the big leagues, you know it’s real. So, let’s peep the sickest looks of the 2024 Air DT Max ’96. It’s gonna be lit!

Deion Sanders

Air DT Max 96: Vibin’ in That Timeless Black & White Drip

Deion Sanders made history in these kicks, making them a must-have holy grail. The Nike Air DT Max ’96 was last seen in 2018, so we’re all eagerly waiting for the next drop.

Bringing Back Prime’s Original Flavor, the Swoosh just revealed the Air DT Max ’96 in its OG white, black, and gold colorway. With a few fresh updates, Sanders’ kicks revive the classic design with some ‘prime time’ flair. The iconic ‘torn-up’ upper is back, blending rough textures with smooth leather. Classic Nike badges hit the ankle and midfoot strap, while a fresh ‘Prime’ stamp on the heel pays homage to Sanders’ childhood nickname. Plus, after a teaser Instagram video from Sanders himself, it looks like a new gold colorway of these hot sneakers is on the horizon. Exciting stuff, right?

Now, are you drooling over those black and black Air Max yet? Let’s check out when are we getting our hands on these kicks.air-dt-max-96-black-whiteDeion Sanders sneakers

Release Details

The Air DT Max 96 in white and black was a shock drop in February, leaving many with nothing but broken hearts. Lucky us, a wider release is hitting SNKRS on June 14 for $170. But that’s not all the good news. The best part? These kicks are a golden opportunity for you to cash in big time. The Air DT Max is currently fetching $452 in the resale game. Just imagine if you managed to cop more than a pair. Excitement levels through the roof, right? 

However, you know with all this hype, nailing such drops on SNKRS can be a pain. But taking the high road is the key here. Check out this go-to guide on how to cop shoes on SNKRS with zero hustle, you’ll be mastering this game in no time. After all, it’s all about playing your cards just right in this game. See you later, fam!


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