Jordan Tatum 1: And The Journey Of Another NBA Legend Begins!

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jordan-tatum-1We got another NBA GOAT in the making or what? If you’re a sports fan, news might’ve already reached you by now. Jason Tatum, a professional basketball NBA player for the Boston Celtics, scored 51 points… All while wearing a pair of new unreleased Jordan 37s! Speak of a fire silhouette. However, today 37s ain’t our topic. Jayson Tatum will release his own signature sneaker with Jordan Brand. Not only will Jordan Tatum 1 drop this year, but it’ll also come in different colorways! 2023 is looking dope y’all! Now let’s keep it chill. We don’t wanna jinx it. God knows we don’t want a repeat of 2022’s shit news! So, now let’s check them signature kicks out to know when to ready our sneaker bots and all that. Priorities peeps! 

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Jayson Tatum Jordan 1 Got Us Anticipating Spring Drops Even More Now!

If you didn’t know before, Jayson Tatum first started his career with the Swoosh before signing a multi-year contract with Jordan Brand in 2019. But now he’s officially joining the rising NBA stars, Doncic and Ja Morant, as he’s getting his own signature shoes release- Jason Tatum 1 JT1. 

Oh man, how we love us some saucy sneaker leaks! So, there are no official information and images yet. We’re deeply hoping that changes soon, but we’ll work with what we got now. Looks like we’re getting not one, but three different colorways of Tatum Jordan 1: “Zoo,” “St. Louis,” and “Pink Lemonade.” And of course, every colorway got a story behind it. Everything has to hold some meaning to it or sentimental significance with the brand y’know. “Pink Lemonade” is a reference to Tatum’s favorite drink. Cool Jayson man, very cool. Next, we got Jayson Tatum Jordan Zoo, which pays tribute to Tatum’s trips to the zoo with his son. And finally, we got a reference to the hometown of the NBA’s rising star, “St. Louis.”


Release Deets 

Here comes the serious shit. And it’s the good kind y’all! The three colorways of Jordan Tatum 1 will drop in so very affordable prices. Or price, that is, since it’s the same for all. And that is $120. But what’s not the same for all, is the release date. Jordan Tatum 1 “Zoo” will hit’em shelves on April 7, 2023. St. Louis on April 18, 2023. And Pink Lemonade will wait two months after that to drop on June 20, 2023

Wanna Score Jayson Tatum Jordan 1

Let’s hit you right with it. If you wanna score such hyped kicks as Tatum Jordan 1, you got a lil work to do. But it’s all gonna be worth it once you get the hang of sneaker copping. First, y’all need to invest in a powerful Nike bot. But this ain’t all. Because if you go into Nike SNKRS with only a sneaker bot on your hands, you’ll be banned for life. And we definitely don’t need that. So what you can do is get yourself some great proxies and Nike Accounts to go with your Nike bot and you’ll be all set! Good luck shitfam!

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