Jordan 4 Military Black Is Ready to Serve… Some Looks!

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Today’s pair is all about that military discipline, neat looks, and hot spins on OGs. You might feel like you’ve seen this pair before. Well, it’s probably because you did… kinda. Okay, we ain’t about that riddle shit, so we’ll just cut to the chase. Jordan 4 Military Black looks like a pair that every real sneakerhead would recognize in a heartbeat! Read on to find out what we’re on about. And if you wanna see more cool kicks, check out the new Jordan 3 Neapolitan. It sure will make you crave some ice cream and coffee!


Jordan 4 Military Black Might Make You Feel Blue

Alright, you know we can’t fight the urge to throw puns here and there. But seriously, Jordan 4 Military Black is almost an exact copy of the 1989 OG the AJ4 Military Blue! Both kicks feature the same white leather upper and cool grey suede mudguards and outsole. The midsole also comes in classic white. The lacewings, heel tab, and part of the midsole featured military blue on the OGs. On the 2022 remake, though, we’re getting all these deets in black, but we’re not sad at all!


However, that kinda leaves sneakerheads wondering about the OG Retro. Will we ever get a Military Blue Retro? Or will we have to satisfy our sneakerhead thirst with the Jordan 4 Military Black? Well, we gotta wait and see with shit like that, don’t we?

Release Deets

Good news! Jordan 4 Military Black will come in full family sizes: Adult, GS, PS, and TD! Now, the adult pair will drop on May 21, 2022, for $190. And that shit will be worth every penny, especially if it’s gonna be as valuable as the OGs. You can actually flip the kicks for $417 on average. And you can make even more if you choose the sizes right! Meanwhile, the 2012 Military Blue retros are worth about $560. Sounds pretty promising if you ask us.


Catch Jordan 4 Military Black for Retail or Regret It

That shit always happens, so why sleep on a pair when you can grab it for retail and make some side cash? But to cop from the source, aka Nike SNKRS, you’re gonna need a good Nike bot. You know, SNKRS app drops are pretty annoying sometimes, with everyone taking Ls. That’s why you gotta boost your chances using a bot. It’ll do all the address jigging and waiting for you while you get on with your life.

But mind you, you gotta hook that shit up with the best proxies and Nike accounts you can get your hand on. And that, homies, never comes for free. But well, you can maybe find a few deals and price cuts if you join the right cook group. And if you wanna stay up-to-date, make sure you turn on post notifications for the shittiest blog around!

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