Jordan 3 Neapolitan Dark Mocha Is Some Really Tasty Shit!

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Summer is just around the corner, and that calls for a lot of ice cream and new kicks! But what if we told you that Jordan Brand is giving us a mashup of both? The new Jordan 3 Neapolitan Dark Mocha is everything we like about kicks, coffee, and ice cream! The women’s kicks are coming sooner than you think, so let’s check out all the release deets n shit. But if you’re looking for something different, here’s everything we know about the new DJ Khaled Jordan collab!


Jordan 3 Neapolitan: Name as Yummy as the Kicks

So, we’re gonna break the name down because it totally makes sense. Neapolitan ice cream is made of three different flavors stacked next to each other: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry! Yup, three drool-inducing flavors, but what does it have to do with Jordan 3 Neapolitan? Well, the kicks will come in a white leather upper, and that’s about the only plain thing in it. The midsole features a mix of strawberry and vanilla shades. Finally, the classic elephant print will come in dark mocha, and so will the outsole.

All in all, the kicks look like a snacc! But that’s not the only reason you’ll wanna cop. If you’re familiar with all the sneaker hype in the past years, you’ll know that Travis Scott headlined a lot. Travis Scott kicks have been the talk of the industry since day 1. And well, we’re still talking about his Jordan 1 Mocha today. Now, not everyone was fortunate enough to catch the kicks, so they’ll have to look for the next best thing. Jordan 3 Neapolitan is definitely it, it’s also great if you wanna kickstart your sneaker collection!


Release Deets

Jordan 3 Neapolitan Dark Mocha will drop on May 13, 2022, for $200. You’ll definitely wanna catch this drop because it looks very cool and then some more! That shit can easily get you $100+ in profit if you flip it. And if you cop multiples, then you’re totally gonna make good side cash! But keep in mind that these babies will be women-exclusive. So, if you don’t find your size, you’re skipping on the flex and diving straight into the flip!

But Jordan 3 Neapolitan Is Dropping on Nike SNKRS!

Well, that shit could be hard to nail, especially with all the Ls people take on SNKRS drops. Chill though, you can always catch the W by using a Nike bot! A Nike bot could boost your chance by doing multiple entries for you. It will also do the address jigging and more, but you gotta put in some work too. You gotta make sure you hook the bot up with the right proxies and Nike accounts. That way you can lay back and say that you did the absolute best. Also, you gotta make sure you have the latest sneaker news, but we got you covered with the shittiest blog! See you when we see you!

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