Jordan 1 Stealth and AJ12: Turning Grey into a Hot Color!

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Who thought grey would be such a happy color? But well, cool color blocking can make any color look sick! And today’s releases are pretty interesting for several reasons. Although Jordan 1 Stealth is enough to keep us going, Jordan 12 is definitely worth looking into too! In fact, Jordans are on such a roll this August that our copping list is getting pretty long. For example, the Bephies Beauty Supply Jordan 7 is certainly a must-have, but so are Travis Scott’s Phantom Js! Now, let’s check out today’s kicks and what y’all should know about them.


Jordan 1 Stealth: So Sneaky Cool!


If you’re into low-key kicks, the new Jordan 1 Stealth is definitely the pair for you. That shit is exactly what you need if you like kicks that you can easily style with anything! So the upper features a mix of white and grey leather, and that’s about it. They really took simple to a new level there fam. The midsole will come in classic white, and it sits on stealth grey outsoles! So all in all, the kicks look like our next daily pair, no cap.

Release Deets

We can expect the cute Jordan 1 Stealth to drop on August 30, 2022, for a $180 price tag. That’s $10 more than the usual AJ1 price, but well, gotta blame inflation? Anyway, this is the kind of pair you should get multiples of! Why? Well, keep one for the flex and the others to flip! That shit resells for $260 on average, so flipping multiples can make you some good side money!

You Can’t Have One Without the Other Yo!


Okay, let’s start that shit off by saying that the AJ12 silhouette makes everything look elegant. The choice of color blocking never misses on these joints. So if you’re looking for a pair to flex on them friend hangouts, the Jordan 12 Stealth is it. The upper part of the kicks will feature stealth gray leather over the rising sun-like leather. The mudguard will come in classic white lizard leather and continues to the soles. Sounds boring, but when you see it, it’ll just make sense!

Release Deets

Ironically, Jordan 12 Stealth will drop on August 27, 2022, which is three days before Jordan 1 Stealth. It’s like the appetizer before the main course that should be a meal of its own if you ask us! The pair will retail for $200, and it’s currently worth $222 on the aftermarket. Now it might not look like much, but the value of kicks like these could increase with time. So maybe keeping a pair in DS state in your sneaker collection doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

Wanna Cop Both Jordan 1 Stealth and Jordan 12?

Thanks to SNKRS drops being hard, you’d think that catching Ws on two pairs back-to-back is impossible. Good thing good Nike bots exist, and they’ll give you a fair chance at copping! That way, you’ll be able to kickstart your sneaker resale business. But before you go that far, you gotta get past first base! Make sure you get the best proxies and Nike accounts for the best W chances. But even the best can’t guarantee Ws, but will sure get you so close to it!

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