BBS Jordan 7: Bephies Beauty Supply Is Doing Some Sick Work!

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bephies-beauty-jordan-logoJordan Brand has been a place for representation for a while now. And the way we see it, they ain’t stopping anytime soon. With every collab we get, there’s always a place for self-expression and shit. So it’s not really a shock to see Bephies Beauty Supply doing awesome work with JB. But when we saw the collection, we were shooketh! But the cherry on top is definitely the new BBS Jordan 7, and you’ll find out why in a sec. And if you’re looking for some extra spice to add to your collection, Travis Scott’s new Jordan 1 is it!

What’s Bephies Beauty Supply?

Let’s start with a lil introduction to the brain behind the collab. Beth Birkett Gibbs, aka Bephie, is a stylist, designer, artist, and much more! Her work in the streetwear industry is one of the most influential. Why? Because she co-owns Union LA with her husband Chris Gibbs! No wonder GQ dubbed them the first family of streetwear!

Anyway, along with being the creative director at Union LA, she’s the founder of Bephies Beauty Supply. The brand saw the light in 2020, and its main focus is to represent women of color in fashion and art. So in a way, it’s an inclusive fashion platform where everyone can find something that speaks to them! That might sound uninteresting, but until the last few years, that shit was next to nonexistent. So naturally, Jordan Brand saw the effort, and now it’s joining hands with BBS!


BBS Jordan 7 Comes with an Apparel Collection!

Let’s take this step by step. First off, we’re gonna discuss the kicks because they’re a world of their own! The 7s are usually cool without any extra razzle dazzle. But when the razzle-dazzle is like Nike’s ACG line, we’re in! The new BBS Jordan 7 will come in a very calm shade of sand beige. But before you get too comfy, the sandy nubuck upper will feature orange details and laces.

And that’s not even everything these kicks are bringing to the table. In fact, the pair will have interior mesh booties. You can secure them using the drawstring lace lock! And finally, the heel tab kinda reminds us of Nike Air Huarache. Now, we ain’t biased, but that shit is like the best of both worlds!

Did You Just Say Matching Apparel?

Yes! There’s a whole capsule that we can expect to drop along with the BBS Jordan 7! The whole collection is a representation of Beth Gibbs’ favorite colors and her Caribbean roots. She also went for the mesh on both clothing and the kicks. So all in all, the whole collection is worth checking out on drop day!


Release Deets

Luckily, you won’t have to wait for too long for these sick kicks to drop. The BBS Jordan 7 and apparel will drop on August 25, 2022. But if you’re reading this, then you’re definitely interested in the kicks. They will actually retail for $210, but they’ll definitely be worth the money. In fact, these babies are worth $1k+ on the aftermarket. So if all goes well and you manage to cop, you can make some really good money!

Wanna Cop the BBS Jordan 7 for Retail?

Ahh, don’t we all wanna have the BBS Jordan 7 for retail fam? But to do that, you’ll need a Nike bot. Of course, a Nike bot like TSB will kick ass on Nike SNKRS and will make sure you get a fair chance at W. And after all the success TSB has been getting in different regions, it’s safe to say it’s a good investment. But make sure that before you jump into the world of bots, you have the right setup. The right setup includes the right proxies and Nike accounts. But always remember, that shit won’t guarantee the W, but you’ll totally have better odds! Good luck!

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