Jordan 1 Heritage Is the Next Best Thing After OGs!

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You’re here, which means you’re looking for your next pair of sneakers! And we know sneaker hunts aren’t easy at all. From finding the right fit to making a statement every time you step out, that shit’s hard! Anyway, we’ll save you that pain and give you the best pair you can cop. Jordan 1 Heritage isn’t just a pretty pair, it also has several deets that make it stand out. So let’s check that shit out and why y’all gonna wanna get it!

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Jordan 1 Heritage Takes Sentimental Shit to New Levels

Michael Jordan’s name is a staple in the sports and sneakers industries. And very recently, he’s been making headlines in NFT-oriented discussion. So when we think of a basketball legend, we can only think of the GOAT MJ! We ain’t gonna get into the MJ vs LeBron debate because it’s never gonna end. Anyway, from his rookie year to his third and final retirement, Jordan was making history. We all love us a pair of Js to flex, especially if it’s an OG. But sometimes we can’t get what we want, so we find the closest thing. And we’re in luck now because Jordan 1 Heritage is the perfect mix of modern colorways and Jordan’s legacy!

The Looks

And honestly yo, the kicks are something to look forward to! They come in the signature red-white-black but in a new color blocking. Kinda reminds us of the Fragment x Travis Scott x AJ1 color blocking if you look closely. The toe box comes in red and white, while the whole mid-section sticks to all-white leather. But red comes on the heel and breaks the boring whites with a red swoosh too. Finally, the collar and wings are in signature black. So it’s the 85 Chicagos on the collar and the sole, and modern design on the rest. Oh and speaking of the Chicagos, rumor has it that they’re making a 2022 comeback!


Jordan 1 Heritage Release Deets

If you’re in the US, you gotta have to wait fam. Why? Because Jordan 1 Heritage won’t drop on Nike SNKRS US till May 25, 2022, for $170. But if you’re in Europe, you lucky lucky! The kicks will drop on April 9, 2022, for €170/£152. And trust us, that shit is worth the cop, because you can flip it for $290 on average. Now imagine copping multiples and flipping them all? It’s money baby! It’s a nice pair to start your sneaker resale business with.

Nike SNKRS vs. Sneakerheads

You probably know where this is going fam. Nike SNKRS drops are the core of memes and L rants. So what you gotta do to avoid that disappointment is get a Nike bot that’s worth its shit. But y’all should know that you gotta hook it up with some good proxies and accounts for it to work right. We don’t want you getting a ban because you missed the obvious. Anyway, make sure you also stay in the loop of everything sneakers and drops in the right cook groups. Knowing shit can help you cop shit in the long run!

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