Jordan 1 Black Gold: The First Gold Digger to Handle the Bill 

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If you’ve been keeping up with November Jordans, then you’ve got the Jordan 1 Black Gold on your list. That is, if you’re interested in making over $5,000 reselling November Jordan releases this year! Or you know, whatever flexes your brain cells (in case money ain’t “the answer”). The first Jordan 1 Mid Black Gold that dropped in 2003 actually introduced patent leather to the Air Jordan line. Bet you didn’t know that, fam. Did you also know that singing girl Cassie wore them in her Me & U music video? Dancing in front of a mirror sure looks a whole lot better in a pair of metallic Jordans. Also helps if you look like Cas. No wonder the OG Black Golds sold only last week for $1,000

Lucky for you these dope kicks are dropping after Black Friday 2020. Which means if you keep it locked long and hard @The_Shit_Bot, you might be able to score them with the only working Nike bot. You might not have to wait for a fresh TSB copy ever again. Cause we’re cooking it up real sweet next Friday. Our crap-loaded bombshell will set you up for the New Year. 

Check this Black Friday copping strategy before it’s too late!

Ever Bought Harleys for Your Feet?

With winter coming and all, Air Jordan has patched up a patent leather Retro with golden accents for your Holiday feet. The sneaker’s exterior brings full-on glam in glossy black. And the golden finishes on the collars and Swoosh give this regularly priced Jordan a luxurious pop. This year’s Jordan 1 Black Gold costs $170 at retail and is expected to drop on the 30th of November. Ain’t no fancier start to the month of celebration! 


Cop Jordan 1 Black Gold on the Last Day!

The Jordan 1 Black Gold is reselling for up to $1,300 on GOAT, fam. Which means that Jordans are sealing off November pretty good this year. Considering that we’ve got the gut-churning Concepts Nike SB Dunk Turdunken dropping soon on the 21st. It’s a festive time and every big shot brand is going to want to compete for the turkey. So the only advice we can give you before the fireworks start is to STAY UPDATED on Twitter and our blog to catch the hype before everyone else.

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